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The benefits of ergonomic chairs

Ergonomic chairsIt’s no secret that being in a seated position for a lengthy period of time can add a variety of stresses to your spine.

This can lead to the development of serious back problems if not monitored or tackled.

In fact lately we’ve been hearing that sitting is the new smoking and can shorten your life!

This is why home offices and large offices have turned to ergonomic chairs to help combat the issues that come from being seated throughout the working day.

In this sponsored post Egan Reid list some of the most important benefits of ergonomic chairs to workers throughout the UK:

Ergonomic chairs support your posture

The old style of office chair is one of many reasons why workers have incorrect posture when seated at their desk. Ergonomic chairs take this into consideration in their design, featuring a back rest that can support your lower back and maintain good posture.

They also have a height adjuster so your feet remain flat on the floor and your hips parallel, and a rest for your head and neck.

They’re more comfortable
Being user-friendly and having a variety of adjustable modes with your protection in mind ensures that not only do you remain injury free but your comfort remains at the forefront too. Win win!

Back pain becomes non-existent
The backrest on an ergonomic chair supports the natural curve of your spine to ensure the lumbar is fully supported. Unlike traditional office chairs which are often style over substance, ergonomic chairs rise high enough to support your whole back too.

No pressure (on your hips)
Regular chairs have a hard surface so that when you sit extra pressure is exerted on your hips. Ergonomic chairs have a seat depth which is about 3 inches from the back of your knees in order to fully support your hips and bum.

Suitable for every work activity
By being adjustable to a variety of different work activities you may perform at your desk, work is made more bearable with an ergonomic chair. Not only that but one neat trick is the swivel feature that enables you to move around quickly without needing to get up or strain.

Increased efficiency
By getting rid of the potential for pain and discomfort, ergonomic chairs can increase your efficiency. Good posture and proper seat adjustments make work a whole lot easier and by combatting the root causes of back-ache and bad posture it will also mean fewer sick days.

Egan Reid have a large variety of ergonomic chairs and furniture suitable for all types of home office. Find out more by visiting their site.

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