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Work from Home Success Program – networking

Work from Home Success Program Module 3 Part 8 – networking

Making networking as easy and enjoyable as possible

Networking – probably the most disliked aspect of being self-employed! The main problem is that some people use it purely as a selling opportunity while others want to make connections, which can lead to bad experiences and disappointment.

As a home worker I believe it’s best to regard networking as a way to avoid isolation, and any work that comes your way from it as an unexpected bonus.

And networking may not be right or necessary for you anyway, as you may have found other ways of meeting people that suit you and your business better.

But if you want to give it a shot, in the podcast I share the things I’ve learnt about checking out different groups, and assessing whether you’d actually benefit from being a member. how to make the process as painless as possible until you gain some confidence, and avoid the situations we all dread. Like trying to talk to a meerkat or being left alone with nobody to talk to. Hard to say which is worse.

You might feel relieved and pleased with yourself when it’s all over, but you’ll get even more benefit if you do a bit of following up afterwards with the people you met.

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