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Work from Home Success Program – Jelly coworking

Work from Home Success Program Module 3 Parts 6 and 7 – Jelly coworking

Some points from these 2 short videos about Jelly

What is this strangely-named event, and what does it have to do with home workers? Jelly was invented in New York in 2006 by a couple of freelancers who were fed-up with being stuck at home never meeting people.

One day they thought what a good idea it would be to get other home workers together in their apartment so that they could all have a change of scene and meet new contacts. Oh, and the story goes that they were eating jelly beans when this brainwave struck, so that’s what they called it!

Jelly coworking is different from networking (I hate it when people call it Jelly networking!) as it’s all about working together, nothing to do with promoting yourself or your business.

If you’re looking for a local Jelly to attend, you’ll find the Jelly Wiki is now very out-of-date, with events from 2010 and 2011. Instead, there’s a Find a Jelly tool on the UK Jelly site. (But some events may not be registered there, so always do an online search or ask on Twitter as well).

If you’re used to working alone, it might seem like a very odd idea to go and ‘work’ with a group of other people. Surely you won’t get anything done and it will just be a waste of time?

In the video I describe what happens at a typical Jelly, so you know what to expect. It’s the most relaxed business event I’ve ever been to, especially as you know there’s no need to stand up and talk about your business!

People usually report they’re very productive at Jelly, but it pays to prepare in advance so you’ve got something you can get on with, in between chatting to people and sharing help and advice.

And if there’s no Jelly happening near you? Click here for my How to Start Your Own Jelly Guide, which has been used by Jelly organisers all over the world.

‘It is an incredibly easy thing to do!’ said a new Jelly organiser in this interview A Jelly is born.

Sand & Castle Jelly coworking event

Photo credit: Sand & Castle Jelly, Lancs

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