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Work from Home Success Program – coworking spaces

Work from Home Success Program Module 3 Part 5 – Coworking

How to find a coworking space and manage your first day – some points from the video

Coworking is one of the best things that’s ever happened to home workers! It’s an affordable and convenient way of avoiding isolation.

Coworking means going to a place where you work alongside other people, and coworking spaces rent out desks by the hour, day or longer. So there’s no need to commit to a long period of time, and you can do as much as you can afford.

Coworking spaces vary in the facilities they offer, but generally they have fast broadband, printing and copying facilities, rooms where you can have meetings, and either a cafe or a kitchen where you can make your own drinks and snacks. They like to help members make new contacts and often organise get-togethers or speakers.

Work from Home Success Program - coworking spacesBenefits of coworking.
You’ll meet people you’d never usually come across, from may different backgrounds and industries. That could include people to collaborate with and new clients. And it makes a nice change to ‘go out to work’ if you’re bored with your workspace at home.

To find local coworking spaces, just search online for the phrase with the name of your town or area. (By the way, since the video was recorded the Loose Cubes website has been shut down).

Adjusting to coworking.
Before you go along, check that the space offers what you’re looking for in terms of atmosphere, noise level and interaction among members. Many spaces offer a free trial.

Your first day coworking will probably feel a bit like being the new boy/girl at school. The video provides lots of advice about how to tackle it, as does this post – How to shift from solo working to coworking.

Good luck finding a coworking space that gives you the best balance of company and efficiency.

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