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Work from Home Success Program – other places to work

Work from Home Success Program Module 3 Part 4 – Other places to work

A quick outline of some of the ideas covered in the video:

Working from home doesn’t mean you have to work at home all the time. In fact there have never been so many other places to work.

As well as going out to meetings, you might sometimes be able to work in a client’s premises. People who do this from time to time tell me it makes them appreciate just how much flexibility they have at home and look forward to the time they can get back to their home office!

Other places to work - librariesSome other places to work:

1. Coffee shops.
This is where I go if I need to come up with ideas, which I find are resistant to appearing when I’m at my desk. I take a notebook to jot things down in, and just soak up the atmosphere and people-watch.

There can be some disadvantages to coffee shop working, especially if you want to use your laptop and can’t find a seat near a socket, or the wifi is erratic.

And unfortunately previous customers may not have endeared themselves to the staff, so make sure your exquisite coffee shop etiquette is getting you the best service!

2. Hotel lobbies.
You can get drinks and snacks here, just like coffee shops, but they tend to be a bit quieter and smarter. Plus they’re often used by businesspeople for meetings, so you might bump into someone interesting.

3. Libraries.
More and more libraries are getting wifi, but you may need to be a member to use it, so remember to take along some ID on your first visit so you can sign up.

4. Outdoors.
Not the best time of year to be suggesting this, I know, but a liminal space is the right place to be to allow ideas to pop up.

5. Conferences and courses.
Where you will not only learn new skills and get up-to-date with industry news, but also meet new contacts.

Check out WorkSnug if you’re looking for other places to work. Mobile workers have contributed thousands of reviews of places all over the world, and you can list a review of your own favourite.

Wondering why I haven’t mentioned coworking spaces? That’s the subject of the next video…

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  1. keith lunt says:

    I think one of the joys of “home working” is that you can work wherever and whenever you want – maybe to a little extreme at times. I’ve worked on flights and car journeys, sometimes finding these better environments than an office (I was testing GPS tracking as a passenger in a car). And when I’ve been desperate to make up time I’ve grabbed a laptop and worked whilst waiting for my daughter at her various hobbies.

    Work from home and the world can be your office!

    • I find train journeys are very good for generating ideas and jotting down notes, Keith. I discovered why when I read an article on liminal spaces by Becky Walsh –