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My work from home soundtrack

Work from home soundtrack - Lucy Jones, Toyboy WarehouseWork from home for any length of time and you’re bound to come up with lots of tricks to aid productivity.

This is a fascinating guest post from Lucy Jones of dating site Toyboy Warehouse on how she uses a work from home soundtrack to maintain momentum regardless of the day of the week:

Few things erode your patience quite so much as background noise that can’t be shut out. However too much silence can be equally distracting.

Whether I’m at home or in a coworking space, I value the effect the right sounds can have on my productivity. That’s why my work from home soundtrack is everything and I have a song for every mood.

Not having that regular 9-5 in an office environment, it feels even more important to have clear boundaries between work and play at home. While my surroundings stay the same, music helps me make the difference more distinct and works towards replicating a workplace atmosphere.

My work from home soundtrack

Monday Motivation: ​As I write this, it’s Monday morning and the only sound audible is a repetitive whur from the building works taking place next door. Not the motivating vibes I need to kickstart a busy week. So today more than ever it’s important that my Monday work from home soundtrack involves upbeat, stimulating music.

Now I’m more of a rock/indie girl at heart but pop and hip­hop dominate my Monday playlist. Whether you’re raring to go already, or deep down in your heart you know it should still be Sunday, this is the day of the week when you need music that says: ‘Oh yes, it’s time to work!’ That’s why I reach for something uptempo like Run DMC.

Check out:
1. Run DMC ­ It’s Like That
2. Robyn ­ Dancing On My Own

Tuesday Concentration:​ Tuesday is the day when I’m most aware of my home­working, the novelty of Monday has worn off and I’m not so much in need of motivational music as something that sounds like people getting things done.

If I can’t get out to a coffee shop, often because I need the resources I have at home, I will replicate the quiet yet reassuring, natural sounds of a ‘coffee shop’ with websites like Coffitivity ​or ​Rainy Mood. Other ambient­style music such as The XX and Apparat feature heavily in my Tuesday listening. Try combining the rain sounds and one of these tracks to make an even more unique sound.

Work from home soundtrackTry:
1. The XX ­ Together
2. Apparat ­ Arcadia

Wednesday Epics:​ By Wednesday morning I’ve hit ‘hump­day’ and want music epic enough to drive me forward. That’s why I reach for soundtrack music, in particular anything by Hans Zimmer. Whether you’re feeling happy-go-lucky or furious at a failed task, this music is inspiring and boosts any sluggish moment. The Inception and Dark Knight Rises soundtracks are standouts.

If blockbuster sounds just aren’t called for, I’ll go for something a bit more relaxed like Ennio Morricone. Nothing makes you feel like working quite as much as someone else’s masterpiece.

Give it a listen:
1. Hans Zimmer ­ We Are Free
2. Ennio Morricone ­ Cinema Paradiso

Thursday Favourites: ​Thursday marks the start of the build up to the weekend, but at this point l normally have a lot left to get done in order to be able to relax properly in my downtime. That means in terms of music I’ll look to old friends.

I’ll put on an old rock album I still enjoy like De Stijl by The White Stripes or something newer and chirpy like Work It Out by Lucy Rose.

Where to start:
1. The White Stripes ­ The Hardest Button To Button
2. Lucy Rose ­ Our Eyes

Friday Feel­Good: ​Friday brings with it the anticipation of the weekend, which is a great feeling. That means the music has to be even better! Call me cheesy, but there’s nothing else for it, I’ll dig out the feel­good rock ballads. After all, I’m not going kicking and screaming over the finish line ­ I’m running at it full pelt!

Top tracks:
1. Journey ­ Any Way You Want It
2. Pearl Jam ­ Alive

My tastes are eclectic but I truly believe a good mix of genres and background noises are good for everyone and increase the amount of work you get done. Mix your work from home soundtrack around depending on your needs each day and find your balance of relaxing sounds and motivational tracks. Let me know your favourite songs to work to in the comments!

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Part of Team Toyboy Warehouse, Lucy’s on a mission to challenge old and obsolete views about UK cougar dating and empower men and women to go after what they really want.

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