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5 Things I Can’t Work Without – the network marketer

5 Things I Can't Work Without - Jenny South, network marketer, Forever LivingIn the latest in our series, busy mum and network marketer Jenny South reveals what keeps her life ticking over. And why she was clueless about television before having children!

1. Phone. 
Obviously no one these days can be without their phone, but for the network marketer it’s an essential business tool. I use it for all my social media, and I am an epic list maker. I have lists all over my desk as well as my phone.

I use my phone for Pinterest and Instagram, and now that Periscope is on the up I am scoping my team giving them training. And I listen to invaluable titbits from my uplines and bigwigs in the company, and tune into company webinars in the car.

2. My dream board. 
So for people not in my company the thought of a dream/goal board might seem a little weird but for me it’s a must. The whole door to my office is covered with pictures, cuttings, little notes, timescales. All of the things I want to achieve.

When I’m having a bad day I stand and look at the door and remind myself just why I’m doing this. Some people think network marketing is a scam, but tell me what other job I could do where I get to be around my children and still earn a decent wage? (And hopefully not just decent).

My salary is uncapped, the possibilities are endless for me, and I’m so excited about what the future is holding for me and my family. I will achieve my goals and as I take a goal down from the dream board when I’ve now reached it, a bigger and better one will take its place.

5 Things I Can't Work Without - network marketer, organisers3. Diaries and organisers. 
I’m guessing most everyone has one. Perhaps two – one for work, one for home? I have 4. Yes 4. I am a bit of a planner addict. My husband is in the Royal Navy and they have a great saying, ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. It’s kind of also become our family motto.

So therefore I plan, and prepare. I have my Pro Planner. If you are a network marketer you need one of these. It has everything you need all in the one place. Contacts, day to day appointments, goal setting, volume mapping, the lot.

I also have a good old-fashioned Filofax. This I use solely for my photography work. It’s great because I have specific sections for mileage and keeping track of incoming and outgoings. Helps for all that end of year stuff.

My third one is my organised mum diary. This is our family bible. If it’s not in the life book it doesn’t happen. In here we have our meal planners, dentist appointments, shopping lists, birthdays, Christmas plans. My life in one place with a small section for list making. If you are a mother you need this book!!

Last but not least is another Filofax. This one is also a purse. Purse/diary combo, see how efficient I am.

4. CBeebies.
Yes, bad mummy alert! But without that channel I would have lost my mind a long long time ago. I was one of those mothers Xwho said whilst pregnant ‘My son or daughter won’t watch TV till they’re over 5’. Ha, how I laugh at my clueless before children self. CBeebies is a life saver when I need to make that 5 minute phone call, or just think like a adult for 5 seconds so I can reply to an email.

5 Things I Can't Work Without - network marketer, mindfulness book5. Book of mindfulness.
This little pocket book has been great. Great for that small window of time I get to myself in the morning before the children are awake and the mayhem commences. It gives you simple little tasks to do during the day that just make you that little bit more mindful, more in-tune, more grateful.

I would recommend every hard worker gets The Little Book of Mindfulness. Working from home or not, in fact even if you don’t work. Just take time to notice, be thankful, see something in a different way, once a day, just for five minutes. 

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Jenny South is a photographer, and a professional network marketer working under the umbrella of Forever Living. She will soon be launching a blog, becoming bee beautiful. 

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  1. Oh, CBeebies is amazing for the work-from-home-Mum! I’m also partial to a bit of Nick Jnr with my pre-schooler, as the episodes last around 20 minutes!

    Love that you’re a diary-organiser, too; great idea to have a few on the go!

    Good luck in your new ventures….happy blogging!