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How much should I spend on a garden office?

How much should I spend on a garden office? The Garden Office GuideRounding off Autumn Garden Office Week, this sponsored post from The Garden Office Guide answers a fundamental question:

‘How much should I spend on a garden office?’ We get asked this question a lot!

It’s both a difficult and relatively easy question for us to answer.

It’s difficult because every buyer has a different size requirement and wants to incorporate different features into their design.

These factors have a huge implication on the final cost of a garden office.

On the other hand it is quite easy for us to advise buyers on a minimum figure to spend. A garden office that is comfortable to use all year round, needs little maintenance and will last for decades needs to be built to a certain specification level.

You want to find a garden office design that features a solid foundation, has a durable exterior, is highly insulated, double glazed, electrically wired and secure. Incorporating all these features has a cost implication.

Having observed and worked within the garden office industry for many years we are aware that you can’t buy this quality for less than £5,000.

And depending on the size you need and the designer features you choose this figure will go upwards. There are buildings marketed as garden offices costing less than this, but they compromise on the key features we have described that will make a garden office comfortable to use day in, day out.

Don’t cut costs as you will be cutting down the quality.

The Garden Office Guide helps you make an informed choice about this considerable investment. Check us out and order your free booklet ‘The first steps to your perfect garden office’, which highlights the key things to think about when buying a garden office.

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