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Work from Home Success Program – food & exercise

Work from Home Success Program Module 1 Part 6 Food and Exercise

It’s a common fear that you’ll put on weight when you start working from home, but with a little planning you can actually eat better and get fitter. Just take a look at Ryan’s daily schedule to see how well it’s worked out for him. And Veg Plotting blogger Michelle has proved it’s possible to lose weight when you work from home.

OK, so there some traps to avoid:

Putting on the kettle is the perfect break so you might find your daily routine revolves around coffee and tea. Check out our reviews of coffee makers and the gallery of home workers’ favourite mugs. Little things make a big difference, you know!

On the other hand it’s easy to get engrossed in work and forget to eat regularly so you end up famished and go looking for a quick snack. Although there’s nothing wrong with an occasional cuppa and a couple of gingernuts

It’s a boring fact that planning ahead helps you eat more healthily, so get some recipe ideas online or from your favourite cookery books – Nigel Slater’s Real Fast Food is mine and I’m on my second copy – and pop out for a break to stock up on the fresh ingredients you need.

Sitting down all day may be shortening your lifespan, so varying things with some time standing is a good idea. People apparently lose a few pounds just doing this, so definitely worth considering.

It’s handy to have an exercise bike, rebounder or some other equipment for when the weather’s bad. Otherwise you could try a bit of vigorous hoovering to increase your step count and get the blood flowing.

And don’t forget empty gyms and swimming pools are a real home working perk, so fit in your visit during the quiet times and really get your money’s worth.

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