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Remote working – for adventurers seeking travel

Remote working - Same Job New Life by Daniel BondOne of the best things about this blog is the way it puts me in touch with likeminded people all over the world.

I still find it thrilling that someone on the other side of the world is reading the words I publish here in my home office in Somerset!

Even more so if they have some helpful advice for others wanting to take work out of the office.

Daniel Bond didn’t just do that, he moved from the UK to Australia while continuing to work for his employer in London.

His guest post is about the book he’s written about his remote working experiences:

Remote working enables us to work anywhere. If you can work anywhere; then why not work anywhere? That is a question for any current home based workers and also for those that have the potential to work from home.

Have you considered this question already? Maybe you are happy with things as they are, or perhaps have actually made a significant lifestyle shift as a part of your move to a working from home situation. If not, then ask yourself: If I can work anywhere, then where would I choose to live and work?

Over a decade ago I moved from the UK to the other side of the world and continued working for my employer in London; but from my home office in Australia.

The motivations behind this move were the classic lifestyle orientated ones, where I was cash rich (ish), time poor and I had a wonderful young family that I was not able to spend anywhere near enough time with, due to my life in the rat-race. I was exhausted and stressed by the demands of modern day commuting and office based life. I was a walking stereo-type.

That move to the other side of the world was absolutely the best career move I ever made and, although it proved to be a challenging and testing option, it is something that I will never regret doing.

Last year I wrote a book about my experiences of remote working and relocation, and in the introduction of that book I state that it was written to ‘me’ ten years ago. This really was true and the driving force behind my taking the time to put pen to paper was to share this little-known opportunity with others.

Over time, my book has sold a few copies and been the subject of a few (quickly forgotten) newspaper articles around the world, but the reason I wrote the book remains – and that is to help others.

The book is intended to serve as a route-map and it covers everything that my family and I had to go through ourselves, but it is written in the form of a guide to others.

In it we cover things such as; the different categories of remote working and explore what each entails, and consider which option may be best for the reader. We cover the research that was involved (for both the ‘work’ and the ‘life’ part of the equation) and then go on to look at how we made it a reality.

The book then covers how to make the relocation a sustainable move and shares many of the challenges that the reader may be faced with. As well as looking at the challenges involved the book details the opportunity available to all those that are ready for the adventure.

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Daniel Bond is the author of Same Job New Life: How to work from home – from anywhere in the world, available in paperback, Kindle and ebook.

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