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Work from Home Success Program – creating a home working routine

Now you’ve got your home office set up, it’s time to think about creating a home working routine that keeps you productive.

And not, as someone just commented on my Facebook page ‘sitting in my jammies all day playing spider solitaire whilst eating peanut butter with my fingers’!

In this podcast I’m talking about experimenting with working at different times (in defiance of the 9-5 work ethic, which runs a lot deeper than we realise).

How to get started in the morning, especially when you need to ease yourself in, as I do. And then how to pace yourself so you keep going, but can shut up shop and switch off when you finish.

Routines are important, but they’re not sacrosanct, so don’t hesitate to change when you’re getting a bit bored, or because the seasons demand different habits.

Have fun creating a home working routine that fits you perfectly 🙂

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