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Work from Home Success Program – kitting out your workspace

Now that you’ve decided where in the house you’re going to work, you have the fun of kitting out your workspace by choosing furniture, decorating and adding accessories.

We’re spoilt for choice now, with home office furniture available from all furniture companies and at every price point. If you’re working in a living room with other uses you can find practical pieces that hide your bits and pieces when you’ve finished work, so you’re not reminded of it during your down time.

And unlike a corporate office, when you’re kitting out your workspace at home, you can have as many personal items as you want, and make it as individual as you want!

No need to spend a fortune, though. You may well have pieces of furniture already that will be suitable, although it’s worth investing in a good chair.

If you need some inspiration, check out my Work from Home Offices Pinterest board.

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