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Work from Home Success Program now available free!

A few years ago we created the Work from Home Success Program, a series of podcasts with slides that take you through the process of starting to work from home, and how to thrive once you’re up and running.

We developed this valuable program (and yes, we did adopt American spelling just for this!) so that:

1. Youʼll save time, effort and heartache by not making the mistakes I did, the same mistakes that home workers continue to make when they have no help.

2. You will be free to concentrate on building your business instead of becoming bogged down in your business. You will have more energy and a more entrepreneurial focus when you are aware of the pitfalls of home working.

3. You will come across as professional even if youʼre working from the kitchen table, as youʼll understand how to portray a businesslike image at all times.

The whole Work from Home Success Program will be available completely free from today. We’ll share a podcast a couple of times a week. Each session is about 4 minutes long, designed to be a quick break from work, and this is what you’ll learn:

1. How to set boundaries between work and your personal life, and get family and friends working with you, rather than against you, in your home business.

2. How to develop a strong support network of varied contacts that keeps you motivated and inspired, and prevents you from slipping into isolation.

3. How to organise your time and workspace to suit your own circumstances, and establish a healthy routine that empowers rather than exhausts you.

4. How to spot when your motivation is slipping and procrastination is setting in, and have a toolbox of techniques to stop the rot.

Do you know someone who’s just starting to work from home, or would like a little help? Please share this with them to make their home working life happier and more effective.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Judy,
    How can I access the full series of presentations? At the moment I can only find the introduction.

    • We’re going to release them a couple of times a week on the blog, Lisa, and I’ll be adding another one later this morning. Great that you want to hear more!