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Pet Fursday – the Golightly kitties

Pet Fursday - Golightly kittiesASBO Kitty and Little Cat work with Penny Golightly, whose blog helps you find all the nicer things in life for less:

Hello Hoomins, we’re the resident kitties at Golightly Gardens.

“I’m ASBO Kitty – the stripy one – and I think it stands for Absolutely Special Brilliant Overlord, or something like that. Probably because I like to keep busy. Somebody has to run this home office, and you can’t leave it to that Penny Golightly character otherwise it would be total chaos.”

“I’m Little Cat – ASBO Kitty’s monochrome sister. I had an undiagnosed thyroid condition when I arrived from the cat rescue Hoomins, so I was really skinny. Now I’m all well again and I actually weigh more than ASBO Kitty, but the Golightly Hoomin would like it to be known that I was not orginally named in a sarcastic or kitty-carcass-shaming way. Also, I’m big furred.”

How are you good company when Penny’s working?

Little Cat: “I mostly spend the day curled up asleep on a satin cushion, so I serve as a beautiful reminder to relax and think happy thoughts. Being a muse is a duty I take very seriously indeed, and it’s a lot harder than it looks. Oh, and there’s a catflap here, but I think it’s important to shout at Penny a lot until she comes out of the office and opens the door for me instead. She needs the exercise, trust me, it’s for her own good.”

ASBO Kitty: “Sometimes Penny has to work on books and long reports and let’s face it, no self-respecting cat would do that for a living, would they? It looks a bit sad to me, so I often jump onto the desk and tapdance on the keyboard to cheer the silly Hoomin up. She’s quite loud when voicing her appreciation, so she must love the in-house entertainment. No need to thank me, I say, it’s all part of the service.”

Do you have any endearing habits?

ASBO Kitty: “I have so many endearing habits: digging up plants in the garden, flattening fragile seedlings on the windowsill, hawking up giant furballs on the landing, rugby-tackling the turkey on the Christmas table…the list goes on. What’s not to love? Oh, and I like having my tummy tickled, but don’t tell anyone about that or they’ll kick me out of the Cat Workers’ Trade Union.”

Little Cat: “My super-power is purring insanely loudly. Standing on top of your head. At four in the morning. I’m really good at mugging Hoomins for catnip too. If anything, I’m too cute.”

What are your favourite foods?

ASBO Kitty: “I’m the adventurous one, so I’d have to say any unusual, expensive or difficult to grow plants, especially if they’re on a high shelf or shut in the greenhouse, are fair game. I do love a challenge. Penny jumped up and down and clapped a lot when I ate her entire home grown lemongrass plant in one sitting, so it’s safe to say she was very impressed by my gastronomical and athletic prowess. Maybe I should be starting my own food blog or Instagram feed with these exotic tastes.”

Little Cat: “None of that namby pamby stuff for me. I like tuna so much I will give you a big slobbery kiss whenever you feed it to me. Come to think of it, we don’t get fed tuna all that often… Oh, and I also like anything out of a teeny tiny can with an airbrushed kitty on the front. You know, the stuff that never turns up in any supermarket offers. I’ve also noticed that all cat food tastes better if you eat it out of ASBO Kitty’s bowl whenever she’s not looking, apart from those new diet cat biscuits – they still taste like ash.”

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Penny Golightly is a journalist and author whose award-winnning blog shares bargain-hunting tips and ideas for living well and getting the most out of life, even if you’re low on funds. She also runs Golightly Gardens, about seasonal food, and growing your own tasty ingredients on a budget.

Penny sometimes teams up with Work from Home Wisdom on a #TreatThursday to share inexpensive treats for hardworking home workers.

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  1. Very cute kitties! I love the face on Little Cat! It looks like ASBO kitty has good control over this business and household!
    I really am enjoying Pet Fursday. They make the best co-workers!