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Pet Fursday – Sunrise the paper shredder

Pet Fursday - Sunrise the paper shredderSunrise works with Rachelle and Richard Strauss of Gloucestershire Web Designs:

She came hopping into our lives and landed in our hearts five years ago. We played with the names Honey and Yarrow before deciding that she lit up our lives so much, Sunrise was the right name. True to her name, she’ll be found bagging the tiniest sliver of sunlight first thing in the morning and lying fully outstretched to catch the rays.

Sunrise takes her duties very seriously. She shreds confidential documents, sorts pens and provides office entertainment with her snores.

Sunrise is an avid student of psychotherapist Virginia Satir who said “We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.” She can often be found scrabbling up our legs, reminding us it’s cuddle time.

She’s our personal trainer too – she’s the Mr Motivator of binkies (otherwise known as a ‘Happy Bunny Dance’, a binkie is when a rabbit jumps in the air and twists its head and body in opposite directions), with the message that we should all lighten up, move our bodies and have some fun in our lives. Her most poignant daily lesson, shared by waggling her spectacular ears, is that when we communicate we get better results if we listen twice as much as we talk.

When she’s not busy working, Sunrise enjoys taking care of the herb garden, making dens in hay and doing a weird growly, running-full-speed thing before crashing onto the sofa.

Her favourite foods are raspberries, thyme and dandelions. First thing in the morning she requests a bowl of handhot water to drink, having read it’s good for stimulating the digestion. For Sunday lunch she’s treated to the end of a banana and a tiny piece of digestive biscuit – both of which she knows are not good for her, but she insists a little of what you fancy leads to a long and healthy life.

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  1. Sunrise is gorgeous! And what a perfect name for her! Don’t you just love how our fur children run our lives! We wouldn’t have it any other way!

  2. More pics coming up on social media, Linda!