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Building a garden office – #GardenOfficeWeek

Building a garden office, Homestead Timber BuildingsMany home workers dream of working in a separate room in the garden, away from family interruptions and domestic distractions.

And building a garden office is a lot cheaper than moving to a larger house if you’re bulging at the seams.

But what does it involve? How disruptive is it, and how long does it take?

Homestead Timber Buildings kick off #GardenOfficeWeek with this sponsored post explaining exactly what happens during the process of building a garden office:

You’ve had a good look at our brochure, maybe also had a look round our show site in Wallingford, Oxfordshire. You’ve had a free site survey to decide where the building will be placed, and where electrics and drainage will be connected. After a great deal of thought you’ve decided on the type and size of garden office you want.

We now send you a quote with a drawing of your design. If the build doesn’t need planning permission, once you’ve paid your deposit we put you into our schedule, normally for about 6 to 8 weeks time.

If you do need planning permission for your garden office we send the forms off to your council, and schedule to follow on after the decision has been made, which tends to take about 8 weeks.

We ring you a few weeks before the start date to arrange to come round and lay the concrete base for your building. When that is ready our assembly team of five or six builders come in to put up the building, made in our factory and delivered in prefabricated timber sections. We have our own electrician, and a plumber if you’re having a sink, loo or shower.

Depending on the size of the build it will take from three days to two weeks to complete. The electrician is the last person on site and goes through a check-off sheet with you to make sure everything has been completed to your satisfaction. We then ask for payment of the outstanding balance.

All aspects of your build are coordinated by our office support team, who will keep you informed of progress and give you ample notice of work commencement dates. Our garden offices have a five year warranty certificate and we expect them to last for at least 25 years assuming regular timber maintenance is carried out.

Straightforward, isn’t it? Get in touch with us at Homestead Timber Buildings if you fancy improving your working life by building a garden office.

Enjoyed this? We have a wealth of information about building and working in garden offices.

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