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Pet Fursday – Sydney

Pet Fursday - Sydney

Sydney works with Claire O’Meara of The Lifestyle Kitchen, who says:

Sydney is a 2 year old Bearded Collie and they are such playful, sociable happy dogs. He loves showing off when people come over by chasing his tail and jumping on and off the settee throwing his toys in the air. He is a dog that just loves life.

He is a natural customer service meeter and greeter. I often take Sydney down to my husband’s gym and work out of an office there. Sydney loves meeting and greeting all the clients with lots of licks. He is also fond of listening into webinars. His head moves from side to side really taking it all in. I just wish he could take notes!!

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With her business The Lifestyle Kitchen Claire empowers women to be your best self, to live, love, and heal through good nutrition, self-love, and self-care, and live life to the fullest with your purpose in mind, not just in terms of your roles of wife, mother, or friend.

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  1. Sydney is a very intelligent looking fellow! And so cute! I bet your clients just love coming for a visit. Great hire!