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Pet Fursday – the tabby twins

Pet Fursday - the tabby twins

Billy and Lola work with Melanie Mackie of Scarletta Media:

We very sadly lost our beloved boy Alfie, and after almost a year we suddenly decided it was the right time to get another cat. But this time round we didn’t want a kitten and we wanted two so they would keep each other company.

On a whim I looked up a local animal rescue centre, and we looked at the cats who needed new homes. Initially, we went along just to take a look at a brother and sister who were gingers.

When we walked around the centre we realised that they weren’t the right fit for us. Behind us were Billy and Lola. They were adorable and as soon as we went in to see them, they came and sat with us and looked at us with pleading eyes.

I knew we wouldn’t be leaving them there and they were meant to come and live with us. They just needed to convince Mr Scarletta!!! And they did very quickly. We were meant to rescue them and they have healed us after losing our little Alf. We wouldn’t be without our mischievous monkey mogs.

Being brother and sister they are alike in that they notice similar noises, have the same mannerisms and sit and wag their tails at the same time.

Lola hates being on her own and gets distressed if she can’t see one of us or Billy. On the other hand Billy Bagpuss thinks he is top cat and can be a bit of a bruiser to get what he wants.

He wonders out and about, whereas she’ll only go out into the garden if we are with her. They chase each other around the house and play. Both of them are very loving, love their cuddles and spending time with us which is lovely.

They eat everything they’re offered! Biscuits, wet food, tuna, and Lola loves anything we’re eating!

They are great company when I’m working at home
and come to sit on my desk when it’s time to pack up for the day.

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