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Affordable workspace – in someone else’s house!

Vrumi - affordable workspace - big windowVrumi is a free, online community connecting professionals seeking affordable workspace to householders with daytime rooms to let.

What a brilliant idea! In today’s guest post they explain the inspiration:

Remember the hermit crab? This shell-less crustacean survives in its tropical habitat by recycling empty seashells. Talk about a sharing economy business model.

When a spacious new shell washes up on the Caribbean shore, the crabs form an orderly queue so that the largest can make the upgrade to a more commodious home. The swapping carries on down the queue until everyone, from big to small, is safely ensconced in their new pad.

It’s a modern day Aesop’s fable for UK home workers; after all, we all need space to grow professionally.

Inspired by the hermit crab, here at Vrumi we have created a ‘shell swapping’ platform connecting homeworkers looking for affordable workspace in London and householders considering daytime room rental.

Has your business outgrown your kitchen table or home office? Perhaps you’ve noticed the fortune you’re spending on coffee and muffins in your local café? Or maybe you just work better away from home.

Vrumi - affordable workspace - shedSomeone else’s house could be just what you need to help you succeed – some space to spread out, have a meeting, or be closer to clients. On Vrumi you can rent kitchens, garden sheds and even boats to give you just the right space to get it done.

Don’t want your old shell sitting empty? Make money from your home now by renting it to someone else! It could be just the size they were looking for.

With your new workspace booked through Vrumi (day rates start at £15), your home can become your home again, and not somewhere that you associate with the stresses of your profession.

Studies have shown that’s one of the key reasons why freelancers get the blues, so make the separation! You’ll be far more productive without the distractions of home.

A room rented for just £25 a day, 1 day a week makes £1200 a year for our Vrumi hosts. So if you do decide to rent out your own unused kitchen table, the income generated could help pay for your new office – or better yet, go into the Caribbean holiday fund (and while you’re there you can visit the hermit crabs and thank them for their wisdom…)

Browse Vrumi’s affordable London workspace here.

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