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Most popular reviews of 2014

Most popular reviews of 2014We’re often offered products to review by manufacturers and suppliers who want to reach a home working market.

Our reviews by the home business owners on our review panel are often to be found on Page 1 of Google when you search by product name, and even by product type.

Reviews are amongst our most visited posts, so it’s always interesting to look back and see which were the most popular reviews of the previous year.

1. Maxi Charger iPhone 5 charger case.
This has been pulling in search engine traffic, although now that the iPhone 6 has been launched it may decline in popularity. 3 stars as the reviewer wasn’t convinced the case would protect her phone adequately. See the review for a detailed description of its charging capabilities.

2. De’Longhi Icona Pump Espresso Machine.
This coffee maker got high points for style and design, and our hardworking reviewer enjoyed being his own barista. He rated the coffee as excellent, but could only fit a small cup under the holder, which lovers of large mugs might not like!

3. IdeaPaint whiteboard paint.
A 5 star review! In fact the reviewer loved writing on their home office walls so much they have since reviewed Smart Wall Paint as well. This scored just as highly for ease of application and effectiveness in use.

4. Bosch Tassimo.
The reviewer found this coffee maker quick and easy to use – almost too easy for a home worker who wants to take a break while making their coffee! But they didn’t like the taste of the UHT milk in the cappuchino and latte pods, and the pods are expensive.

5. Plantronics Calisto Speakerphone – P835-M with PA50 Mic.
Our reviewer found this complicated to set up and learn how to use. They concluded it was better suited to an office with several people than a lone home worker.

These are the chart-topping, most popular reviews because they are mass market products from major manufacturers and are often searched for online. But we also have plenty of product reviews of items from smaller producers, and from home businesses. You can search for these by product type eg how to keep warm, laptop bag reviews, beauty products etc.

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