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Pet Fursday – the world’s only feline bra fitter?

Pet Fursday - GingerGinger works with Linda Crawford:

I actually have 5 cats! Yes, 5. Ginger (she has ginger cheeks and her brother is called Fred!) is more involved with my business, so I thought I would feature her. Oliver enjoys the IT work more – mostly chewing on the cords!
My cat Ginger is really my biggest helper in the business – a very experienced bra fitter!

Ginger greets everyone at the door and follows us to the sewing room. There she determines if I need her assistance. The majority of my clients appreciate her input. Many arrive feeling self conscious and Ginger is a welcome and humorous distraction.

She is very talkative and will respond to questions. She even gets involved in the fitting process. On one occasion I was pin fitting a bra, and Ginger (gently) removed a pin with her mouth! My client and I were barely able to continue the fitting, we were laughing so hard!
Ginger is a very bossy girl. She insists on sitting on my sewing table and inspecting all my work.  She has a special cardboard office, where she supervises with a sharp eye for quality. If there is anything amiss, it is promptly rejected.

Ginger is gregarious, confident and talkative. All great qualities in an assistant/ boss. She bosses the 2 older cats, her brother, and one younger – Oliver – with an even paw. No one, not even me, gets away without her supervision.

Linda’s business Uplift Custom Bras is based in Ontario, Canada. She talks about making custom bras, why her customers come to her, and how she started her business in her Unusual Home Working Jobs interview.

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