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Just another Massive Monday!

Massive MondayFinally everyone’s back at work after the long Christmas and New Year break.

And after Black Friday and Small Business Saturday comes Massive Monday!

No, surprisingly that’s not a reference to the average body size after all that festive eating and drinking.

It’s the first Monday back at work after New Year, and apparently the day when most people start looking for another job and when recruitment sites get the most traffic.

Obviously the combination of back-to-the-office blues and New Year resolutions is a potent one!

Many of those looking for a new start will be thinking of going freelance rather than finding another job. You probably heard last year that there are now 4.6 million freelancers in the UK, or one seventh of the workforce.

So lots of people have already made the leap, but it’s still a big decision for anyone to make. Policybee (the specialist business insurance broker we’ve been working with to bring you straightforward information about insurance for home workers) carried out a survey of freelancers and have written a Massive Monday blog about their key findings.

They have built a cunning Freelance-o-Matic tool with 20 leading questions to help any prospective freelancer think hard about the implications. Don’t take the result too seriously, though. I’ve done the test and the result came out as halfway between Maybe and Definitely Maybe. Considering I’ve been self-employed for over 20 years and can’t see myself ever doing anything else, that’s a little harsh!

Policybee are also running a virtual business surgery and inviting questions about freelancing for their panel of experts, including yours truly on the pros and cons of working from home. Check out the Policybee Google+ community and #TheFreelanceWay every Wednesday during January from 2 to 4 pm.

Do you know anyone wondering whether to go freelance in 2015? Do them a favour and share this Massive Monday blog post.

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