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Pet Fursday

Little Pig - Pet Fursday

Little Pig (above) and Big Pig (below) work with Jane Minton – really Lily and Lola, originally named by two little girls on the Italian farm where they used to live. Before we officially ‘adopted’ them the dogs used to come down the road to visit us and snuffle at the door (they hardly ever bark), so we used to say “Is that the pigs? Sounds like pigs …” and then the name stuck. For a long time they were just ‘the piggy dogs’ and even have a special song (pathetic, isn’t it?) When we sing the song they jump about like crazy things!

Favourite pastime – chasing squirrels or rabbits.

Lovable quirk – they are the happiest dogs in the world!

Biggest contribution to home working – getting me to take breaks in the fresh air.

Big Pig - Pet Fursday

Jane Minton of Wednesday Teatime, is a qualified coach and NLP practitioner who works with women. Jane gets clients focused very quickly on what they REALLY want, providing an easy-to-access process that they can use straightaway to begin making changes.

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  1. Charl says:

    Cute. They are probably your best and most affordable employees. Always positive and playful, and dogs are definitely a real ego-boost.