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Thursday Treat Time – fantasy shopping

Fantasy shoppingTreats don’t have to cost anything, take up much time or be calorie-laden.

Thrifty blogger Penny Golightly is my regular treat partner and today she’s found you another Treat under a Tenner.

And if you have enough self-control my Thursday treat won’t cost a penny and will give you a good shot of inspiration.

A spell of online fantasy shopping is a good treat that gives you a break and a reward for your hard work, although you might need to set a timer so you don’t get too carried away in your new world!

It’s a glossy magazine opens up at the touch of your mouse, the online version of flicking through glossy mail order catalogues and completely redecorating your home or replacing your wardrobe.

These sites have plenty of lovely things for sale, and some also have excellent blogs or editorial with lots of ideas on styling yourself and your home.

And if you sign up for their email lists you’ll be the first to find out when they have quick sales, competitions and customer open evenings.

Favourite sites for fantasy shopping:


Etsy is a good source of quirky bits and pieces from independent makers around the world. So far only a fantasy shopping experience for me as I’ve never quite dared to commit to a purchase from a complete stranger. Have you? has so many products it’s best to hover over Home on the menu bar and then scroll down Shop by room till you get to Office & Study at the bottom. That refines the search to a mere 11925 items! Start making your Christmas list now!

Cox & Cox sell gorgeous homewares in the higher price bracket, but they do have a sale room page where products are reduced by 50 and 25%. There’s a Home Office button under Indoor Living on the menu – check out the beautiful lamps, metal furniture and wire accessories.


Toast do beautiful men’s and women’s wear plus stuff for the home. The Editorial page has some wonderful interviews and articles if you’re into art and fashion. The handmade Kantha gowns made from recycled saris put an entirely new and stylish spin on slobbing around the home office in pyjamas!

Boden I like the look of the Audrey Ponte dress, currently much reduced in the Workwear section if you’re looking for a smart and flattering dress for business events.

White Stuff
– a good source of more casual pieces for home working and popping out for informal meetings. Follow them on Twitter so you’re the first to know about sales and reductions.

What are your favourite destinations for a spot of fantasy shopping?

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When you’re ready to leave your fantasy world, click over to Penny Golightly for a crunchy, figgy treat that goes well with cheese and is currently on offer at Waitrose. Perfect for a home working break.

We’ll both be here again soon for another tempting Thursday Treat. Let us know if you have a favourite treat that’s worth sharing.

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