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Tools of the Trade – keeping warm

Finally we are reminded that it is actually autumn with some heavy rain and lower temperatures! So this month’s sponsored feature Tools of the Trade concentrates on keeping warm while working at home, and takes a look at some eco-friendly ways to stay comfortable in your home workspace, whatever the weather.


Keeping warm - Snuglin

Snuglin is a comfortable fan-heated cushion which creates a cosy warmth for your body and hands, ideal for when you have been sitting for a while and starting to feel a chill. At 1p per hour to run it is much cheaper than electric and fan heaters, and the steady heat is directed at you rather than convecting from the ceiling.

It recently featured on Channel 4’s Gadget Man where it was deemed the most desirable item to take into the next ice age! Highly rated in a Work from Home Wisdom review – quote code WFHW at the checkout for a 10% discount.

The Thermal Blind Co.

Keeping warm - The Thermal Blind Co

These made-to-measure thermal blinds will substantially reduce heat loss and remove down-draughts from your home office windows. Winner of the People and Environment Achievement (PEA) Award for the Best Energy Saving idea in 2012, they are traditional Roman blinds with a modern twist made from five layers of flexible fabrics, including Thinsulate insulation and Mylar (space blanket), and closely fit your window frames with powerful magnets.

They are suitable for sash and non-sash windows, supplied with all fixings, and can be ordered from The Thermal Blind Co. in a range of plain, patterned and textured fabrics.

Turtle Doves

Keeping warm - Turtle Doves fingerless gloves

Turtle Doves recycle ‘old’ jumpers, many of which are bought from charity shops. They are washed and if necessary defuzzed, and made into unique clothing, including fingerless gloves that keep wrists warm and prevent fingers freezing at the keyboard. Then when you pop to the kitchen to make a coffee or do the washing-up you can just take your thumb out and push the gloves back off your hand, and your wrists will stay cosy.

Turtle Doves recycled gloves come in a wide range of colours and many different fabrics, from acrylic to pure cashmere.

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Do you make or sell a product that’s useful for busy home workers? If you’d like to feature in a future Tools of the Trade, just let us know and we’ll explain what’s required.

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