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The delights of home working pets

The delights of home working pets - Annette Morris & NibsThere’s a major drawback to having a successful blog.

And it’s the way posts that are pushed down by all the new content that’s being published.

Our redesign earlier this year tackled the problem to some extent by presenting content under headings that are more easily browsed.

But who has time to browse much these days? I know that when I find sites I want to access content quickly and move on.

So occasionally I like to draw attention to older posts that got a good reception when they were first published and deserve a little more attention. Today the theme is home working pets. Animals bring company and humour to what can otherwise be an isolated life.

Alan Williams has worked out how to incorporate dogs into his home working routine and keep everyone happy and healthy without ruining his productivity. In Working at home with pets he shares what he’s learnt. Sadly Alan’s old dog Sparky died recently and now Ruby the puppy is bringing new life to his daily routine.

When a pet has been a constant companion for many years it’s hard to deal with the gap they leave behind. Annette Morris has a sad but ultimately uplifting story to tell about dealing with the loss of a pet. Annette was devastated when her beautiful Weimaraner Nibs died unexpectedly, and she struggled to cope with working at home without his lively company. Best to read this post with a tissue, as many readers have shared their own experiences of losing home working pets in the comments, but never fear, they do all have happy endings!

And we end on that brighter note, with Spud the Cornish B&B cat providing his tips for home working cats everywhere, although you may prefer to keep his advice to ‘Never, ever accept an inferior brand of cat food’ to yourself! Like so many home office cats, Spud attributes some of his success to his natural charisma and good looks, although he candidly admits the smell of kippers can ruin his professional aplomb.

You can find other home working pets doing a sterling job, including a rabbit, a three-legged dog and a Spanish stallion, in the Pets category.

Do you have a pet that keeps you on the straight and narrow? Have you built your home working routine around their needs and habits? We love to hear about unusual home working pets and to feature them here, so do get in touch with your stories.

Annette and Nibs photo credit: Frances Gard

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