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Word to the Wise – photography tips

Today we start Word to the Wise, a new series in which home business owners share their expertise by giving a basic tip, answering an FAQ or making the unitiated aware of a potential pitfall.

We’re starting with photography tips, which I certainly need, and hope the following advice from professionals Jonathan Ward and Jo Plumridge will help you take better shots both for your home business and for pleasure.

Word to the Wise - photography tips - Jonathan Ward, Ginger HorticultureJonathan says: ‘It’s a little over 12 years (if my memory serves me right) when the first camera phone came out, and now we all have a camera in our pocket. To quote a famous photographer when asked what is the best camera: ‘The one you have with you’.

Most high-end handsets are a decent match for a cheap compact camera. Generally smartphone cameras are best of all, simple and straightforward to use. With just a little knowledge you can get better pictures from them.

First rule is always have a good grip on your phone, every little movement of your hand will make for a blurred picture. So use two hands or lean on something for a cleaner, crisp picture.

Never use the digital zoom, you will almost always get a poor picture. Instead try and get closer to your subject.

And finally don’t forget to clean your camera lens.’

Jonathan is a freelance horticultural consultant, plant photographer and occasional journalist. He is based in West Sussex, but can be found in gardens all over the world, usually at a ungodly time in the morning.

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Word to the Wise - photography tips - Jo PlumridgeJo says: ‘One of the most common problems people have when taking portrait photographs is getting their subject sharp and in focus. Left to its own devices, a camera can sometimes focus on entirely the wrong thing, leaving your subject soft.

A simple way to improve the accuracy of your focusing is to use your AF-points. All DSLRs and mirrorless cameras will have some sort of focusing points, along with many bridge and compact versions. When you half press the shutter on a camera, a point or area on the screen will light up to indicate where the camera is focusing. When you take over manual control, you can select which AF focus point you want to use, allowing you to inform the camera where you want it to focus.

A top tip when taking portraits is to ensure that you choose a focus point that you can place in-between your subject’s eyes (a little like a bullseye!) This ensures pin sharp eyes and a better photograph.’

Jo is a freelance photographer and writer living in South Bucks. She specialises in portraiture and corporate photography work and writes about photography and travel, alongside a healthy dose of comedy pieces.

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The next instalment of Word to the Wise will help you make better use of words in your business.

And if you’d like to share your expertise in an area that will help home workers we’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Brett says:

    When it comes to autofocus the quickest way to get a good focus is to put the AF point on the edge of your target allowing it to easily and quickly focus.