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5 things I can’t work without – the VA

5 things I can't work without - Rebecca Harvey, Let Me Organise YouToday we start a new series of guest posts about the things different home workers just can’t work without.

First to reveal her must-haves for home working is VA Rebecca Harvey:

As a Virtual Assistant I need to be efficient and of course organised (my business name says that I am after all!)

I need the right systems in place and need to rely on the processes that I have created to get my work done, to the best standard.

So here goes… the 5 things I can’t work without.

1. My MacBook Air
This little bundle of tech is as good as it gets for running my business from. Custom built for power and with a SSD (solid state drive) I can do everything I need to from here. When in my home office I “dock” into a large monitor, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for comfort if working (and do I need the flexibility of a bigger screen!) but then I can take my little Mac out and about with me. It even fits into my handbag!

2. iPad
As a web developer I need a separate system to test that websites work correctly (well that’s my excuse anyway!) my iPad acts as my third screen, is a great solution for FaceTime and Skype calls, and is what I play music from. It’s super portable too and good for use at events for registering people on, taking email addresses, pictures and the like.

5 things I can't work without - headsets - Rebecca Harvey3. Headsets
Anyone who has ever spent an elongated time on the phone for business purposes will know that a headset gives you flexibility to use your computer (with 2 hands!) at the same time as making a call.

4. Billings Pro
This is an amazing book keeping program that I have on my Mac and it literally runs my business for me. From tracking time (something a service business needs to do), to expenses and mileage. Then the system also tracks payments, does my quotations, invoicing a, reminds me to invoice and produces the reports that my accountant needs at the end of the year.

5. Music
I can’t work without ‘tunes’. Whether I’m listening to the radio, iTunes or as a recent convert to the streaming service of Spotify. Music is great for uplifting your mood when you need it, but then have I playlist of chilled and classical music for when I need to concentrate.

You may have a completely different list of items you can’t work without. What are your essentials that your business would grind to a halt without?

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Rebecca is a Virtual Assistant with her own business Let Me Organise You based in Leicester. As well as operating as THE Business Princess! Rebecca helps clients with Website, Computer Training, Email Marketing and Social Media solutions for their businesses, so that business owners can concentrate on doing what they do the best.

Find out more about Rebecca’s daily home working routine.

4 Comments on "5 things I can’t work without – the VA"

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  1. Great article and I completely understand this selection. We all have our own ways of working.

    • We do indeed, Fi! The next commenter shares Rebecca’s love of music as she works, but I can’t bear it, I find it too distracting. I’m hoping to find a wide selection of home workers to share their own 5 things.

  2. Amanda Makuru says:

    Great post Rebecca especially the “tunes” tip I love music while I’m working and great reminder about the headset off to get one today !! Thanx

  3. Thanks Amanda, Fi and Judy. I can’t work without my “tunes” need a good speaker system too! Just gets the “flow” going! : ) Ooh Amanda they have some great headsets on Amazon at the moment!