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In praise of our guest bloggers

In praise of our guest bloggersWe love our guest bloggers here at Work from Home Wisdom.

Today we say thank you to all of you who share your thoughts, experiences and photos with our readers.

In addition to my own ramblings we publish two kinds of content on the blog, guest posts and sponsored posts.

  • Guest posts are those written by home workers wishing to share their experience with the community, which we publish free of charge, and which link only to their own home business. There was a great example yesterday, when Sharon Jackson explained how she set up a Jelly group in Lancaster.

  • Sponsored posts are provided by companies and organisations relevant to our home working readership. These are subject to a fee and published in accordance with Google guidelines and advertising codes of practice. We are delighted that Policybee are currently sharing essential information about home working insurance in their inimitable style.

Earlier this week I had a sudden hole in the guest post content for the blog. Well, OK, not exactly sudden, I should have seen it coming, because it’s happened before and every time I vow I won’t let it happen again. One week I have lots of posts all lined up ready to go, and then, whoops, they’ve all been published, what now?

So I’ve spent some time getting in touch (I could say ‘reaching out’ but it’s one of the phrases on my personal blacklist!) with readers and people I bump into on social media, asking if they’d like to become guest bloggers.

And as always I’m overwhelmed by the generosity of home workers who may only have shared a few tweets with me, but are happy to send photos to post on the home office galleries, take part in one of our series, or write a post from scratch on a topic that’s meaningful to them.

Our aim is always to reciprocate your generosity with your time and expertise by making your articles as widely read as we can. So although we are small fry in comparison to some of the big blogs out there, you might find you get a much better referral rate back to your own site from us because we promote them throughout the day of publication and continue to tweet them afterwards.

We appreciate your posts and interviews so much because we know you have taken precious time away from your work to write them and take photos, and also because we know from feedback that you provide unique information and enjoyment for our readers.

Thanks to our lovely guest bloggers, coming up soon we have a new series for you, 5 Things I Can’t Work Without, which I’m sure will prove to be the fascinating glimpse into another home worker’s life that I know many of you come to the site for! Thank goodness I’m not the only nosy curious one 😉

Plus we have articles about editing your own work and becoming a novelist, to name just a few.

So do let us know if you’d like to become one of our guest bloggers by sharing your expertise or an aspect of your home working life.

If you’d like to know more about why guest blogging is a good idea for you and your business, how to approach a site you’d like to write for, and what’s involved, take a look at A’s helpful article Writing guest posts for other bloggers on See a Man About a Blog. Plus you’ll find lots of other useful information on both the technical and creative aspects of blogging.

So if you’ve been one of our guest bloggers, we’d like you to know how much we appreciate you. And if you know someone who has contributed, please make sure they see this post by sending them the link.

Thank you!

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  1. I’ve really enjoy writing guest posts for you Judy, so thank you!

    Which reminds me, it’s July and I don’t think I’ve written one this year yet! Best put fingers to keyboard…

  2. I haven’t started offering guest posting on my own blog. I want to read about this topic as much as I can.