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Treat Time for a home business owner

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Yes, it’s Thursday Treat Time already!

As usual I’m linking with Penny Golightly, who has excelled herself this week in uncovering treats that don’t cost a penny! Details at the bottom of the page.

And today I talk to Helen Lindop of, the blog about growing a business around a young family,

about treating herself as a home business owner.

Hi Helen, what’s your view on the role of treats in the life of a home business owner?
The great thing about being a home business owner is that you don’t have a boss. On the flip side you do have to motivate yourself because nobody else is going to do that for you. So a few treats here and there can really help.

Do you have a favourite low or no-cost treat? What is it, and how does it improve your day?
Well, my treats used to be cakes and biscuits, which are a seriously bad idea if you’re sitting in front of a computer all day because it’s not long before your weight starts to creep up. So these days I do my best to avoid them. It doesn’t always work unfortunately!

I try and reward myself with things like reading a book or taking time out of my day to do some yoga. Or sometimes just taking a couple of hours to have a coffee with a friend.

Staying healthy – both physically and mentally by avoiding isolation – are really important when you’re working from home and if I can turn activities  those into treats I’m much more likely to do them.

As a home working parent, is it important to also reward your children with treats?
I don’t think I give them any more treats than I would if I wasn’t working from home? It’s so easy to slip into rewarding them with sweets and biscuits too, but I try to do it in healthier ways with things like reward charts, lots of praise and having plenty of time together.

What kind of things make good treats for home working parents and their children?
Oops, already answered that one I think!  One of the reasons I’m working from home is that I’m here for my children when I need them, so the best reward for both parent and kids is being able to have time together.

One woman’s treat might be another’s torture! Is there anything that some people enjoy that you would do anything to avoid?
Actually I’m not very fussy – I’m happy to try most things!

What would your ultimate treat be if you had unlimited resources, time or funds?
To go to the beach. It’s a dream of many of a home business owner to be able to sit on a beach sipping an icy beverage as the money drops effortlessly into our bank account, isn’t it?!

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#TreatThursday medium badgeIt’s Tenner Week over at Penny Golightly and Penny is challenging you to live on a cash budget of just £10 for any food and drink you buy (stocks stored in cupboards not counted!), going out, entertainment and hobbies, and any other shopping.

So this week she’s looking at how to treat yourself with no money at all! That’s something I’m definitely going to be reading with interest. Click over to Penny Golightly now for a completely free treat.

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