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The importance of good garden rooms

It’s Summer #GardenOfficeWeek

SIPS Garden Rooms 2Quentin Farrow of SIPS Garden Rooms and Classrooms

reflects on the growth of home working

and how the design of garden rooms has improved in the last 10 years.

It’s coming up to my tenth year in this industry and as other posts have highlighted, the work from home phenomenon has exploded during that time, as has the requirement for garden offices, multi-functional rooms and granny annexes.

It’s now commonplace for people to either work from home running their own businesses or to spend at least 1 day in the week working from home. As a consequence no longer do we want to battle on and make do with the kitchen table or pokey, dark study or spare room, cluttered with the jobs and paperwork we never get around to doing. Or put up with constant interruptions and distractions, or a cold, draughty garden shed.

We want good design, sustainability, light and warmth for year-round use, and versatility to make our spaces into what we want whenever our circumstances or needs change. We want the space and tranquillity to think and be creative, a home away from home, but within eye-shot of the house.

No more 2 hour commutes into the city, beholden to the trains and tubes. No more congested towns busting at the seams with cars that drive slower than you can walk. Or life-threatening, albeit scarily exhilarating cycling to make it to the office on time! Not us! There is another way!

And isn’t it great to watch how the industry has grown and improved over the years? The designs that are out there now put to shame many new home developments, large and small. As do the efforts of the teams of craftsmen and women that work, many through all weathers, to ensure their customers get the best space for their investment.

Particularly given it’s both an emotional AND financial investment. It can affect one’s health and well-being for better or worse, so we have to get it right.
SIPS Garden Rooms and Classrooms is such a company. We’ve put the customer at the heart of what we do, keeping the traditional, ageless adage going: the customer comes first. Yet always striving to offer new and exciting designs that are compatible with a customer’s budget and requirements. Whilst also using sustainable, eco-friendly and/or ground-breaking materials and building methods to keep things fresh and up-to-date.
Our goal is to help customers design and build good looking, high quality, durable and versatile modular spaces that, if required, can be easily tailored to suit their needs over time. These flexible spaces constitute excellent value for money and will yield both qualitative and financial returns on any investment, whether that be commercial or personal.

As founder of SIPS Garden Rooms, I did what many of Judy’s readers have done – after many years working for companies that generally stifled my creativity, energy and vision, I decided to do it for myself. This gives me more freedom and autonomy, enabling me to focus on my customers and ensure they get great service and a great space they can enjoy for years to come.

This, I believe, has a knock-on effect in relation to one’s productivity and happiness, and ultimately can only be a good thing for our economy and our families. Never underestimate the importance of a good garden office. I hope I get to work with some of you! Happy Summer and Garden Rooms Week!

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