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A log cabin to work in

It’s Summer #GardenOfficeWeek

A log cabin to work in - Waltons

And today’s sponsored post is by Waltons,

who have been producing garden buildings

since Victorian times.

Spring 2014 was the third warmest since records began and forecasters predict that this summer could also be a record breaker. Temperatures for the first six months of this year have been significantly above average, so there has never been a better time to start working from the comfort of your home… well, a log cabin in your garden, actually.

Over the past decade the ‘garden office’ has taken off. But it’s not a new phenomenon. The Victorians inhabited summerhouses believing that fresh air was the best cure for consumption (tuberculosis) caused by the polluted air of industrial cities – which was how our ancestors at Waltons initially made their name.

And for decades, sheds, cabins and garden rooms have been home to artists, sculptors and writers – Roald Dahl, Henry Thoreau and Philip Pullman to name a few.

Nowadays, however, you’re just as likely to find lawyers, accountants and IT specialists at the bottom of the British garden. For entrepreneurs and professionals, garden offices have proven to be big business. They are a cost effective alternative to renting office premises, building a house extension or moving home.

Henry Thoreau built his log cabin – made famous by his work Walden – in the summer of 1845 by hewing the timber from local white pines. Unlike Thoreau, all you need, however, is a flat piece of land and basic DIY skills to put together a Waltons log cabin to work in.

Our cabins vary in size, style and cost, and our modern summerhouses are made from high quality materials. Every Waltons log cabin is supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual and full assembly kit that makes construction as simple as possible, and delivery is free to most UK codes.

Large windows and doors help create the ideal open office space. Interlocking tongue and grove timber frames are designed to withstand all weather conditions. And since insulation is so inexpensive, there’s no reason why you can’t work from them throughout the harsher winter months.

Waltons is a long established and trusted brand, which has been trading for over 130 years. Although we are living in tough times, home businesses can still be successful and rewarding, and a self-built log cabin is an economical way to trade from home.

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  1. Julie says:

    I would love to work in a cabin like that. It would be so nice.

  2. With a good wireless connection and an iPad you could run your own business easily from a cabin!! Love the idea of that. Easy to get a blog going or to build a website in a very short amount of time. My love of the mountains woud put the cabin there. How great!