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How to maximise space in your garden office

It’s Summer Garden Office Week

Maximise space in your garden office - Green Studios And to celebrate, today’s sponsored post

from Green Studios

shares their top tips and showcases

a new design with a mezzanine.

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When designing a garden office, using space innovatively is essential. Whether you’ve invested in a small pod, or large-scale lodge, you will always want to make the most of the space available to you.

These are our tips to maximise space in your garden office:

Creating the right storage can make even the smallest of spaces feel open. There are many ways in which you can do this. At Green Studios, our internal walls can take up 50kg weight, so fixing heavy shelves and bookcases is easy. Using this vertical height and fixing storage above your desk really opens up the space and allows for other items to be added. For some of our clients, we’ve even added pull-down desks to allow for flexible use of the room.

We also love the idea of multi-purpose storage. Consider using trunks that can also double up as seating, whether that’s for when clients come to visit, or having friends over to relax and take in the garden view. We’ve seen great designs that include inventive window seat boxes that can be used with hanging files.

De-clutter and reduce the paper
It’s amazing how much we hoard, isn’t it? Really take a look at what you do and don’t need, and clear out the clutter. Keeping your garden office simple allows the room to feel bigger and gives you space for other things.

Creating simplicity will give a sense of openness which means fitting the sofa bed into the corner might just not look too overwhelming after all!

Also stop printing… being green is really important to us, but also for home workers. It helps streamline your office mess and reduce the storage you actually need. As they say – think before you print!

Innovative design
One of our latest designs includes a mezzanine level. This is a fantastic way to automatically give you extra space and maximise space in your garden office.

By including a mezzanine, you can use it for so many things. Whilst your office remains ‘downstairs’, upstairs can be a games area for the children, storage area for your favourite music collection, or even somewhere for your guests to stay.* This innovative design really does maximise space in your garden office.

Consider your roof
No really – we mean it! Include an over-hanging roof on your garden office and extended decking. This way, when you open up the bi-fold doors you get the real sense of being outside. Grab the fold-away table and chairs you have stored in the secret cupboard we’ve built you and hey presto, you’re eating al fresco!

Other ideas…
There are plenty of other ways to maximise space in your garden office. Things like a fold-down bed or compact compostable toilets – unlike your traditional toilet, these can be added to even the smallest of spaces.

There is also the reliable technique of choosing the right colour – keep everything simple and white and you can’t go wrong. Also make sure you have the right lighting – add corner windows and bi-folds to open up the room.

So whatever shape and size your garden office is, think creatively about your space. If you’re just about to build one – talk to us, we’d be very happy to explain more about our innovative designs and introduce you to our new range.

*If you are considering using your garden office for accommodation, this will need to abide by different planning rules and regulations so do let your garden office supplier know beforehand.

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