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Using your social skills for business success

Social skills for businessGood social skills can bring you success in every area of your life,

and your business is no exception.

Today’s sponsored post provides some pointers

to develop your business relationships:

In today’s competitive markets,

networking is more important than ever

and knowing how to approach, communicate with and manage people can help you to get ahead.

Whether you’re just starting out, working from home or pushing your business to the next level, developing your social skills for business will certainly give you a firm advantage.

1. Show interest
A great way to improve your relationships with potential employers, clients and business partners is to show them that you’re interested in what they have to say. By talking around 40% of the time and listening the rest of the time, you’ll make them feel valued and give a positive impression.

Make sure that when you are listening, you listen actively, which means giving eye contact, not interrupting and asking for clarification once in a while. This will show that you are giving them your undivided attention and are truly interested in what they have to say.

2. Socialise
Discussing business over a coffee, drink or meal can lighten the tone of the conversation and strengthen your professional relationships.

If you know a great café that’s near your new client’s office, offer to take them there for a coffee instead of sitting in a meeting room for an hour. They’ll appreciate your initiative and the change of scenery, and it will give the impression that you’re comfortable talking business in non-traditional contexts.

3. Take note
Remembering things that your clients and colleagues say, and then asking about them the next time you meet is an effective way of cementing positive relationships. It shows that you care about your connection with them and will make you appear more likeable and trustworthy.

It can also be helpful to reveal something about your personality, such as a trait or hobby that you would usually share with friends. This can make you approachable and multi-dimensional, providing that you remain professional, of course.

4. Be self-aware
Becoming more aware of how other people perceive you is an essential part of developing your social skills for business. Taking social cues from your clients’ or colleagues’ body language, tone of voice and eye contact will help you to understand whether they understand what you are saying, as well as whether they are interested and whether they agree.

If they are not making eye contact, are sitting with their arms crossed or are slouching, it is likely that you need to change your approach. Asking them a question or rephrasing what you have said will bring them back into the conversation and show that you are interested in what they think.

The quality of your social skills could make or break your career, so be sure to make an effort with everyone you come into contact with in the business world.

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