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Sound advice for home workers

Advice for home workersWhere do you get the best advice for home workers?

From other home workers, of course!

Make sure you don’t miss these cracking posts.

My favourite posts on the blog are those where experienced home workers share their hard-earned advice, and these often attract a lot of interest when they’re published.

But despite our new design making content more accessible, and although I try to tweet links to them regularly, inevitably they get less visible as time goes on.

So occasionally I like to give them a little more well-deserved publicity. Today I’m spotlighting three fabulous reads in which guest bloggers describe their own experiences and in doing so provide great advice for home workers.

1. 3 things you need to know as a freelancer
In her guest post from almost a year ago, Sarah Megginson shared some key points she learnt after leaving her job to become a freelance writer. It’s a tricky path to negotiate but Sarah is now able to work part-time while earning a good living.

Find out why Carrie Bradshaw isn’t a good role model for the freelance life, and download a free chapter of Sarah’s ebook How to make money by working from home: The step-by-step guide to successful freelancing.

2. My move to shedworking
Tamsin Orr won our #GardenOfficeWeek competition last year with her story of moving her soft furnishings business from rented premises to ‘a rather glamorous shed at the top of my garden’. Which it is – go to the post just to admire the photo, even if you don’t have time to read it!

Tamsin is often asked if she gets lonely in her shed, but has found plenty of ways to keep in touch with the outside world, including starting a forum for interior designers and soft furnishers. An essential read if you’re toying with the idea of working from home or investing in a garden office.

3. Working from home – the motivation and separation
‘Working from home is a curious thing.’ says freelance brand strategist Greg Dillon. ‘You are in a happy, comfortable place yet you are working your posterior off to earn a living.’

Just about sums up the struggles we all experience from time to time! Greg goes on to explain how he manages to drag himself away from his cats in order to achieve his deadlines and deliver to his clients.

Greg’s blog for freelance strategy consultants has just won the PR, Marketing, Media & Comms category of the UK Blog Awards 2014 – click through to it from his post.

Do you have an interesting experience or advice for home workers? We are very happy to share your expertise with our community.

One of our guest bloggers tells me her own blog gets 50 to 200% more traffic after one of her posts is published on WfHW. That’s what we call a win-win-win situation:

great content for us,

insightful information for our readers,

and a free PR boost for you 🙂

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  1. Some great advice there, Judy. Thanks for flagging up these articles.