4 sites to help you save money

Save moneyFeeling the pinch?

You’re not the only one.

Here are four sites that could help you save money on both business and personal items

1. 0800Buster
Normally you have to pay for making a mobile call to an 0800, 0808 or 0500 number. By using the 0800Buster service you can call these numbers using your phone provider’s inclusive free minutes. You just dial an 0333 number first, then enter the free-phone number you need and press # to start the call.

2. SayNoTo0870.com
I think I included this in a previous post, but it’s definitely worth another mention. This site allows you to search for alternative numbers to the costly numbers not included in landline call packages. Lots of companies now provide an 0870 or similar number for customer service, which is maddening if you need to call to complain or get them to rectify their own mistake, especially if they keep you on hold for ages before you reach a ‘customer adviser’.

At the top of the site you click on the green bar either to find an alternative geographical equivalent, or to help others save money by adding an alternative number you’ve discovered. I’ve used it to call Barclaycard and insurance companies and it’s very satisfying!

3. Car insurance job picker on the Money Saving Expert site
The occupation you choose for your car insurance application affects the premium you pay, so finding alternative wording can lower the cost. Sounds unlikely, but true, I’ve encountered this myself when renewing my car insurance.

The obligation is on the driver to keep their personal details up-to-date so I informed my broker my main occupation was now blogger. Which bewildered both the person and the system. We then tried various other occupations along that theme, some of which produced ridiculously high premiums. In the end we settled on writer.

As the site says, you have to choose a reasonable way to describe your work, something you could truthfully tell somebody who asked, but it’s worth trying out a few permutations. The occupations listed seem to be a few years behind the times, so you might want to think about older terminology. I wonder if they can cope with social media consultant?

4. Penny Golightly
This blog is run by a journalist and author who shares bargain-hunting tips and information and ‘loves finding all the nicer things in life for less’. It’s also worth following her on Twitter (@PennyGolightly) for frequent tweets about special offers and freebies.

There are weekly round-ups of fashion items that have been reduced, and affordable beauty treats chosen and reviewed by Penny. Plus food, books, financial services, all the items that form the basis of regular expenditure.

Tenner Week challenges you to live for seven days on £10 cash for food and drink, going out and entertainment, hobbies etc. Handy if you find yourself temporarily strapped for cash or want to save up for a special purchase.

Are there any other sites you visit to save money? Let us know your favourites.

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  1. Emma Windsor says:

    Oooh some great tips there. Thank you Judy. Might even use them for myself too!