The home office in spring

Home office in springHurrah for May!

At this time of year I feel the need for some new energy in the house.

I’m desperate to put away the things I gathered around me

to make winter warmer and more cheerful.

And to clean up the dust and cobwebs that accumulate over winter.

Since I spend so much time in here, I always do a bit of a revamp in my home office in spring. This year particularly so. I had a small farmhouse style table that was in the kitchen of my house in Bath, but hasn’t fitted anywhere so far at the mill, so I decided to take it out of storage and use it as my desk.

(Sorry the photo’s not too good. It’s hard to take a picture in this north-facing room with bright morning sunshine outside).

A is going to swap his old computer desk for the one I’ve been using and decide which he prefers. If the computer desk wins the cracked top will need to be replaced.

Yesterday I was planning to work, but the sunshine called me to do the tidying up instead. We took the old desk and moved it from its position under the window, revealing plenty of cobwebs.

I cleaned the window panes, and the frame and sill, which until now haven’t been easily reached, and opened the window for the first time this year.

My fingerless gloves have already been washed and put away till the autumn, and the Snuglin (barely used this winter, it was so mild) put back in the cupboard. My fleece blanket is back on the sofa for evenings when it’s not cold enough for a fire, but a bit chilly later on.

As the apple trees are in blossom right outside the window I’m not bothering with a plant or flowers at the moment.

Following the same routine with the same objects gets boring, and a quick clean-up of the home office in spring is a good way to acknowledge the change of seasons. I hope it will also clear the way for new ideas and projects.

How do you adapt your home office in spring? Or do you work in different places around the house depending on the weather?

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  1. Alan says:

    My home office is long overdue for a facelift, and maybe it will happen this year or then again it might not.

    When spring arrives however, it is time to have the windows and door open and let the breeze in, before it gets too hot in the summer! At the moment I can hear the Great Tits in the nestbox on the other side of the garden making lots of noise waiting to be fed by their parents, and I can see all the wonderful spring flowers. I find this time of year an inspiration.

    • Thanks, Alan, that’s a wonderful comment! It’s so good to hear the birds and watch everything bursting into life. Every winter I forget how green it is in spring!

  2. Greg Dillon says:

    Hey Judy – I typically stay in my normal office but find I end up working from home more in the Spring or Summer, from time to time I try and work on the balcony but the wifi is not as strong so it never seems to work out! My desk faces away from the window though as otherwise I would just end up looking out at the nice weather all season.


    • You could try working on the balcony with a LAN cable, but depending on the view it might be too distracting! I find it restful to look absently out at the trees as I think!

  3. Sophia Moseley says:

    With all of the plants springing into life, I plan to put a couple of plants I have had to adopt in my room and that means lots of moving stuff around to accommodate them so that = a bit of a ‘spring-clean’.
    I think it’s a brilliant idea Judy to do something a bit different after the long days of winter! Thank you for the inspiration.

    • I think we home workers need all the variety we can get, so any excuse for a change! Moving stuff around and cleaning up always gives me a boost. I hope your plants do the same for you.

  4. Liz says:

    I try to sneak outside and use the garden as my office as much as possible. However, I’m always a bit previous and – especially this year – often get driven indoors again when it’s not quite as warm as I thought!

    I hadn’t thought about bringing spring inside though – good idea.

    • This afternoon we’ve had torrential rain showers followed by blue skies so not the ideal conditions to get settled with a piece of work. Good idea to get outside as much as you can, though, and get some air moving around the brain cells!