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Healthy eating for home workers

Healthy eatingDo you snack on coffee and sweet things?

Keep meaning to do better?

Sweet things can actually be good for you…

I met Saskia Fraser at one of Corrina Gordon-Barnes’ You Inspire Me community meet-ups, and you may have seen her guest post on healthy eating for more energy in business.

But the proof is definitely in the pudding, and at another meet-up Saskia when was the speaker, she brought along three of her favourite sweet things to show us there’s more to raw food than carrots!

The brownies, chocolate and rose cake and pineapple cheesecake were all absolutely delicious, and all made entirely with ‘good’ ingredients, not a grain of sugar in any of them. Nor do they take long to put together.

I think this was a revelation, not only to me, but to many of the other home workers at the meet-up who punctuate our days with ‘treats’ of caffeine and sugar, giving ourselves a quick boost, but knowing it’s not really good for us.

Habits are hard to change, especially when your mind is on delivering work to deadline, and all the other things we have to do every day. But I plan to start trying some new recipes as the season changes and the weather gets warmer. I find it’s so much easier when I’m not getting chilled sitting at the computer and craving comfort food!

Check out Saskia’s kitchen in the Kitchen home offices gallery. It’s here that she develops her recipes, some of which (including chocolate orange mousse, yum) you can watch her making on YouTube.

Another source of recipes for healthy eating is one of my favourite blogs, The Gardener’s Cottage. Janet blogs about simplicity, vegan cooking, gardening and style, and lives minimally, cheaply and very stylishly in California.

Last week we tried her Gardener’s Pie and not only did it use up lots of leftover veg, it was utterly delicious, making enough for a main meal one day and as a side dish the next.

Maybe I’m going to have to change my Twitter bio that ends ‘Believer in…coffee and cake’! Unless it’s a raw food cake, of course. Have you got any tips for healthy eating habits? Do you find it easier in the summer?

Photo credit: Michelle Chapman, blogger at Veg Plotting

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  1. Antoinette says:

    Love snacks with fresh fruits or smoothies makes my tummy full and healthy!

  2. Maria says:

    I eventually managed to cut the sugar out of coffee. While a teaspoon of sugar only has about 15 calories in it, if you have 4 or 5 coffees a day this can soon add up! And I hardly eat any bread, something that is way too easy to snack on. I think anybody who hasn’t cut bread out of their diet would be amazed if they went without it for a few weeks.

    • I’ve been thinking about not eating bread for way too long! The trouble is that it’s so quick and easy (and tasty!) to pop some toast on mid-morning or have a sandwich at lunchtime. I’m probably addicted to carbs as well as sugar 🙁

  3. Maria says:

    You could try rye bread, if you’re not already doing so? If I have any it tends to be rye

  4. Although I don’t have that much sugar in my diet anyway, I’ve swapped to organic coconut sugar recently. Have you considered trying that? It’s really nice, a natural sweetener and doesn’t taste too much different to brown sugar. I also find that drinking plenty of water throughout the day fills you up so you don’t feel hungry as quickly.