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A DIY Guide to PR

for makers, crafters and independent retailers

A DIY Guide to PR - Kerry Law

Are you a maker, crafter, designer, baker or independent retailer?

Would you like to get amazing media coverage…

for no budget?

Then today’s post is for you.

Whatever you do and whatever you sell, you’ll be all too aware that to make a living from your creativity you need to let the world know about your talent and your products.

A great way to get in front of lots of people is to get featured in the media. But getting into newspapers and magazines can seem an impossible task when you have so little time. And next to no budget.

How on earth do you find a contact? And what to say?

Kerry Law has worked in PR and communications for 13 years, the last three running her own consultancy with clients such as Cats Protection, Museum of London, and independent businesses in the retail, fashion and eco lifestyle sectors. Not to mention that she’s also contributed some popular guest posts about PR to WFHW.

Having spoken to many small business owners who can’t afford to pay for PR, Kerry decided to write her own ebook – A DIY Guide to PR – for makers, crafters and independent retailers – so you can do it for yourself.

A DIY Guide to PR – for makers, crafters and independent retailers includes:

  • Seasonal ideas for PR.
  • The anatomy of a press release – real press releases broken down so you can see the essential components.
  • How to take a good photo.
  • A media directory of the publications relevant to your industry, complete with circulation numbers.
  • Tips from a journalist who also runs homewares online.

You could spend a lot of time and money buying books and attending courses to acquire the information Kerry shares in her ebook. But she understands your budget so she’s offering it for only £4.99.

Plus WfHW readers get 20% off, so to you it’s a mere £4! Just remember to enter the code WFHW14 at the checkout. And don’t hang about – the code and discount expire on 30 April, so do it now!

(Not making any money on this, I’m spreading the word for Kerry because I see a need for this information and I think she’s done a great job – and I’m not easily pleased, believe me!)

Click on the link for more information and to buy your own copy of A DIY Guide to PR – for makers, crafters and independent retailers.

I hope to see you in the press soon 🙂

Not a maker, designer or retailer? I bet you know someone who is. Why not share this post today so they can benefit from more exposure in 2014?

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