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What to wear

What to wearIn the winter it’s easy to get into a rut.

Keeping warm is the priority.

Which means jeans and layers of T shirt/shirt/jumper/sweatshirt etc.

And it’s hard to know what to wear when you work away from home.

Pinterest is a wonderful resource for finding pictures of ready-assembled outfits that other people have put together.

For example I was racking my brains about what to wear to the last You Inspire Meet-up. There seemed to be nothing in my wardrobe that would do.

And then I stumbled on this photo on Pinterest and realised I already had all the component parts in my wardrobe but hadn’t thought about combining them!

Fitted black dress – bought for The Big Jelly and barely worn since.

Blue denim jacket – snapped up on impulse from Gap because it was only £20.

Black boots bought two winters ago to go with black dress – see above.

Candy stripe scarf bought on a shopping trip with my personal stylista.

(The photo is the first WfHW fashion shoot, created with the aid of the clothes airer, a white sheet and A, adding yet another role to his job description. We had to leave the boots out, they kept flopping over and looked like something out of a spaghetti western. Now I know why fashion shoots cost so much time and money).

I have such a small wardrobe you’d think I’d have every possible permutation covered, but the great thing about browsing images is that it makes you see your clothes in a new way. Since then I’ve been pinning the occasional outfit onto my new Work from Home Wardrobe Pinterest board.

You can create your own collages of clothes and accessories at Polyvore but to be honest I haven’t had time to work out how to do it, and I’m happy being inspired by others.

I’ve also come across a site explaining lots of different ways to tie scarves. I’ve been using one this winter because it fills out the neckline of my coat nicely. I happened to be wearing it when A took some photos for the new blog, and got several enquiries on Facebook. Check it out, it’s the style called Four-in-Hand. Very easy but rather impressive!

Another great source I’ve found is White Stuff. I’ve regularly bought casual pieces there for home working but their new Mid century Monochrome range is a bit more grown-up and a bit smarter.

There are some lovely dresses, skirts and tops you could add to your wardrobe to boost your confidence when you go off to a meeting. And if you sign up to their mailing list you get to know about regular discounts – 20% off last week for those in the know!

Where do you shop for clothes? Do you find it difficult knowing what to wear, or have you worked out a formula that suits you?

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  1. I love the photo of the outfit you posted today, what a good idea. I promise to send you similar ones now and again, I like the notion of me not being in the photo…..thanks for the mentions of me and my sartorial advice. I wish I had somebody to help me out I am constantly bewildered by too much choice. The age thing is also an issue with me, I don’t really want to stand out any more but I find it difficult to be understated. Simple bright colours in good shapes suit me, I know they do so why do I keep choosing prints that look like the curtains? Xx

    • Yes, please, all pics most welcome 🙂
      Like you, I’m glad not to model the clothes, but I discovered even on a hanger it’s quite tricky to find the right place for a photo – enough light, plain background etc.
      Never knew you needed your own stylista, you seem to achieve a stylish look with effortless ease. And don’t worry, you never look like you’re wearing curtains!

  2. Judy,

    I wore suits to work for years and I’m more productive in jeans and a sweater. I have to admit this is one of the main attractions of building an online business.

    Really enjoy your site and liked the ads for home offices set up in small units away from the main house……I don’t see many of those in New England!

    • Hi Scott, I’m glad you enjoy the site. Good to hear you have joined the ranks of the bejeaned homeworkers 🙂 And interesting to hear you don’t see many garden offices in New England. Perhaps your houses tend to be bigger than ours!