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A business checklist that works

Don’t know where to start? This business checklist will get you moving!

Baskit Geni business checklistJacqueline Williams invented Baskit Geni,
the award-winning anti-theft device for hanging baskets.

She has been on Dragons’ Den.

And in today’s guest post she shares her business checklist.

Working through this business checklist she has gone from the initial research stage to a product that now sells across the world.

I asked the universe this question –
‘How can I make money while I’m sleeping?’

With faith, determination, belief and persistence, a thought will turn an idea into a product that could sell all over the world.

I didn’t ask how, I just tried and when things didn’t go to plan and I hit a brick wall, I went over it, under it, around it, but I didn’t give up.

I was hellbent on making it work somehow, someway. What inspired me was that men had walked on the MOON!

When you have passion, determination and love for what you do, you spread that love and passion without realising it. It becomes infectious and people believe in you, not just your dream, doors open like you have never known before.

Here in a nutshell is my business checklist of what I did.

  • Researched intensively to find out what was already on the market.
  • Formalised a design in rough format.
  • Sourced a Patent Attorney for advice regarding protection.
  • Sourced a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  • Searched the internet to find a local plastic moulding company.
  • Worked with the company to formalise the prototype.
  • Visited small local garden centres and arranged meetings with the owners for feedback regarding the product and price structure.
  • Visited many large garden centres and spoke with the staff to find out what the customers were saying about the need for such a product. Spoke with many hanging basket lovers to hear their feedback.
  • Put a statistics plan in place and downloaded a mass of information regarding the theft of hanging baskets and how many garden centres sell them throughout the year.
  • Put a business plan in place.
  • Registered the company with Companies House.
  • Put copyright and trademark protection in place.
  • Business checklist - Baskit Geni

  • Set up website ( including Paypal for sales). Put all office documents in place – business cards, compliment slips etc.
  • PR with the local newspaper and local radio station.
  • 2 minute live slot with BBC Radio 2 (international exposure).
  • Contacted magazines to run a story.
  • Secured small orders with local garden centre.
  • High volume of sales calls to garden centres and garden distributors throughout the UK.
  • Sourced local injection moulding for manufacturing costs.
  • Secured a volume order with Ideal shopping channel and much exposure from the shopping channel.
  • Raised a purchase order for 3,000 units for the plastic injection company.
  • High volume of sales calls and promoted the business through advertising and social media.
  • Submitted application to Dragons’ Den.
  • Was nominated for the Pride of Shropshire Award.
  • Contacted ITV and Alan Titchmarsh and sent samples. The product was screened on two of Alan’s shows.
  • Opened the doors to a mainline garden distributor and secured an order for 20,000 units.
  • Supported Pride of England in bloom.
  • Contacted councils, public houses, high street shops, and anywhere hanging baskets are displayed that may cause a risk to the public, to secure contract for supply, fit and 5 weekly safety checks across the UK.

Baskit Geni is now listed at 90 garden centres across the UK and sells in Ireland, Germany, the USA and Canada. This is just the beginning. Man walked on the moon – so can you!

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