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The wireless workspace

Wireless workspaceWe’re midway through #Workspace Week.

Today Frillo’s sponsored post looks at the flexibility of a wireless workspace at home.

The number of people working from home has increased by nearly a third in the last eleven years, and reports have suggested that over four million people work from home full time with many more working from home occasionally.

Working from home doesn’t have to take place in just one room. With today’s technology you can create your very own wireless workspace allowing you to work all over the house and even outside, weather permitting.

Here are our office essentials to help you build your wireless workspace for optimum productivity and efficiency.

1. iPad
iPads are a great addition to your home office; they work really well for writing documents, browsing the internet, taking photos and sending emails. Plus they are easy to pick up and carry around with you; they fit perfectly in your bag to take to meetings, cafes and coworking spaces, and of course mean you can work on the way in the bus or train.

2. Speakers
Some people prefer to work in silence but others like to have a bit of background noise. With wireless speakers you can play your music all through your house, and not worry about tripping over wires. You can connect speakers to your laptop, iPad, phone or tablet.

3. Wireless Printer
Now wireless printers do require a wire to plug them into a power source, but you are able to print from them without any wires connecting your device to the printer. So you can work in the kitchen or anywhere else in the house, whatever suits your mood or task, and just press a button to print.

4. And of course you won’t get far without the paper and ink! Frillo also supplies the low tech items needed in any office – paper, pens, Post Its, envelopes, Blue Tak, printing cartridges.

Not to mention desks and chairs in many shapes, sizes, colours and styles so you can choose according to your style and decor.

No matter the size of your office or whether you want to kit it out as a wireless workspace or not, Frillo has no markup on prices, and delivers low priced office supplies and equipment.

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