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Using plastic boxes to make more room in your workspace

Plastic boxes storageWe’re kicking off #WorkspaceWeek with a sponsored post from Plastic Pallets UK on getting your home office organised with colourful plastic boxes.

They say a tidy desk reflects a tidy mind.

This isn’t a judgement,

but rather a warning that a tidy mind is hard to achieve when you are surrounded by clutter.

Many of us find that the space we have to work in at home doesn’t allow enough room to store everything we need in a neat and tidy way, so the prospect of a tidy desk may seem unachievable.

If you have little room and even less storage, then you might find the ideal solution in plastic containers.

Create your own storage with plastic boxes

Plastic storage boxes and containers are hard-wearing and come in all sorts of sizes. You may even find the right colour to match your office decor, which will help them blend in as part of your fixtures and fittings.

Available with or without lids, there are also varieties that stack securely which are great for space saving.

Everything in its place

Wherever you work, even when attempting to work in paperless offices, you will find ‘stuff’ accumulating that needs housing even if only for a short while.

Plastic boxes can be used to create a tidy dedicated space for all sorts of office paraphernalia, from filing and archiving to reference books and publications.

If you work in an industrial job, plastic containers will keep parts, samples, tools and equipment out of harm’s way. They’ll even work a treat for keeping your muddy on-site boots away from clean carpets.

Keep track of the contents

You can make more space in your office 

by stacking your boxes, but be sure to keep the items you will need to access most frequently towards the top of the stack. Whatever you are using plastic boxes for, make sure you label the sides that will be visible once you stack them.

If you don’t have separate archiving facilities, then these are definitely the boxes to go at the bottom of your stacks. Archives should carry clear referencing on each individual box relating to an index of contents. You can store this electronically to ensure that when items are needed from the archive they can be quickly located and accessed.

If you need to use your storage for filing, see if you can find the right size boxes to fit hanging files inside. This way they become a portable filing cabinet rather than just piles of papers piled flat on top of each other.

While you are sourcing storage for your office, see what other uses plastic boxes can be put to. For example, if you send out a lot of samples in the post, your post tray might quickly build up during the day. If your samples are quite bulky, this can start to take up a lot of space.

Set up a dedicated plastic box as a ‘post tray’ to keep post tidy and when it’s time to go to the Post Office, you have the added bonus of it already being in a container that’s easy to carry.

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