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Coming up…WorkspaceWeek and blogging workshop


Coming up...WorkspaceWeekNext week is WorkspaceWeek.

All posts will be about the places we work and what we put in them.

Please join in by sending us your photos of where you work at home for our new galleries arranged by location.

We’ve got the whole house covered, from the attic to the cellar, as well as outside and home from home offices!

Not to mention a new gallery just for home office desks, if you want to show us what it looks like in action or boast about having a tidy up.

The transition to the new blog design went very smoothly, thanks to the designer, Dan Hopkins of Blue Arse Fly 67, who despite his business name is actually a very calming influence when things get tense.

And also of course thanks to my partner and long-suffering IT adviser, Andy Britnell, of See a Man About a Blog. Work from Home Wisdom would never have grown without Andy’s technical and SEO knowledge, and he now works with clients who want to improve their blog’s performance and reach.

Blogging workshop

Having led a well-received session at Nicky Kriel’s Social Media Summit in Surrey in November, he’s now running a blogging workshop on Tuesday 18 February at The Old Church School, our local coworking space in Frome, Somerset.

It’s called Blogging with Purpose and will shed light on a subject that’s often bewildering and can seem like a closed book to the uninitiated. It runs from 9.30 to 12.30 and afterwards there’s a free lunch – yes, it seems there is such a thing!

I’ll be there – I never knowingly miss a food opportunity – to meet some of my readers who are coming along. We have known each other for a while online, but never met face-to-face before.

Come and join us for a fun and informative morning – no jargon guaranteed.

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