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Colourful coffee breaks

Bits and pieces that make coffee breaks more enjoyable

Coffee breaks - Jangneus dishclothsNot long ago I interviewed Marie Davis of Jangneus Design about her business designing and selling Swedish dishcloths and tea towels from her home in Oxfordshire. We all know the importance of little things when you work from home, and coffee breaks are a regular opportunity to use things you enjoy.

Marie has sent me a shiny lime green parcel containing a beautifully wrapped package of colourful dishcloths. We’re going to enjoy using them during our coffee breaks for some time to come, as they are machine washable. The bright colours will complement our new lime green washing up bowl, bought after the red one sprang a leak. I’m also delighted that they’re eco-friendly and 100% bio-degradable, so we can chuck them on the compost heap when they wear out!

I like the idea of food waste helping plants to grow so I always tip the used coffee grounds on the garden. But last week I slipped on the wet steps coming back in and smashed the Bodum cafetiere jug. We’ve tried using an old La Cafetiere jug but it doesn’t quite fit and coffee spills down the side when you pour, so that’s another kitchen replacement needed.

Coffee breaks

I know lots of you agree that a good mug is essential for coffee breaks and when I spotted these mugs reduced to £3.75 in Waitrose the other day I decided to snap them up. It wasn’t till I got them home and unwrapped that I realised mine, the red spotty one, goes perfectly with my little red ceramic spoon from White Doll Arts in Fowey.

What are your favourite pieces of kitchenware and utensils for coffee breaks? I’m amazed how consistently popular our review of the De’Longhi Icona expresso maker is, repeatedly coming up in the top few pages viewed. What’s your favourite way of making coffee? Do you like a quick hit or enjoy taking a bit longer to relish the routine of coffee breaks?

That’s it from me, I’m off to get the kettle on…

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