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Home office furniture – mesh office chair

Mesh office chairThis sponsored post by looks at the benefits of choosing a mesh office chair for a home workspace:

Investing in a well-made, ergonomic office chair that encourages good posture should always be a high priority when it comes to furnishing a home office. While leather is a very luxurious option, and is continuing to decrease in price as the years go on, it does come with some drawbacks.

Let’s look at the benefits of a mesh office chair:

1. Ventilation
The primary advantage of having a mesh chair is that it offers exceptional aeration to the back of the user, helping to keep you cool during a long day’s work.

Fully upholstered chairs like leather or fabric trap the body heat you emit. The foam padding and upholstery act like insulation which can make things very uncomfortable if a lot of your day is taken up by sitting at your desk.

2. Support
When you spend a lot of time sitting down you understand the importance of having a chair that fully supports the body and encourages good posture. Back pain is a huge problem for those with sedentary jobs, and can prevent you from working.

Mesh office chairs are ergonomically designed with the mesh curved in a way that encourages good posture to enable you to use your chair for extended periods. Most mesh chairs are highly adjustable (such as seat slides and arm rest mechanisms) which will allow every individual to customise their chair to suit their needs.

3. Minimal upkeep
While the mesh back is designed to keep you cool and dry, in turn it also keeps the chair dry and clean so the quality of the chair is maintained for many years to come.

4. Durability
Upholstered chairs can more easily get tears in the fabric or leather, and the padding becomes flattened after extended usage. This can leave the chair looking worn and uncomfortable. Mesh chairs, however, are woven tightly which makes them extremely durable and less susceptible to damage.

5. Style
Comfort and durability aside, style plays an important part in the purchasing process. Having a chair that is aesthetically pleasing is always important for a home office and a mesh office chair can easily accommodate this with affordable pricing.

Mesh chairs are known for their contemporary look thanks to their slim profiles and exciting colours. offer a wide range of mesh chairs to suit all sizes and preferences.

6. Suitability for small spaces

Many home workers work in confined areas in which a fully upholstered chair would be too bulky. A mesh chair on the other hand makes a workspace feel more spacious and lightens the feel of the room.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Judy,

    Agreed fully on all fronts. I had a great mesh chair at my old office job. Ergonomic, comfy, really a pleasure to work from it.

    On the road I never know what I am going to get. Here in India I have been blessed with a few solid kitchen chairs. Sometimes I work off of a bed or couch.

    Have laptop will travel right? And I accept all that goes with that.

    Nice read, thanks for sharing.


    • I have a photo in the gallery of a reader in her hammock, but I don’t think she ever tried to work on her laptop there! Kitchen chairs do nicely for an hour or two. I don’t like using a laptop literally – too hot!