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Enjoy the great outdoors all year in a garden room

Garden Office Week – Garden Affairs takes a stroll to a garden room

Garden Affairs - garden roomThis week is Autumn Garden Office Week and Garden Affairs starts us off with a sponsored post on the benefits of working in a garden room:

Autumn is now in full swing bringing with it glorious colour, heady scents and weather that shifts from rainy storms to golden days. Those beautiful hot days of summer are sadly now a distant memory, but for homeworkers, that doesn’t mean that you have to dread the retreat back to your overcrowded spare room or understairs office!

A quick stroll down the garden path to a dedicated garden room can bring you closer to nature and offer an inspiring outlook every day.

Let there be light

As autumn turns to winter, there’s no doubt that we do need to think about light as part of our working day. Good light can help keep the winter blues at bay, whilst a cheerful view of autumn colours and the birds in your garden will pick you up even further! A warm and snug garden room with generous windows that let the daylight flood in is a great alternative to a kitchen tabletop. It will also be a lot cheaper in terms of heating in the long run.

Staying warm
Whether your workspace is for office work, crafts or hobbies, you do need to be comfortable. After all, we can’t enjoy being productive in the winter sun if we’re shivering. As a homeworker, you probably spend a good proportion of your time sitting still.

This is where a building constructed from timber really helps. Timber offers excellent thermal insulation. Add double glazed doors and windows and insulate the roof and floor and you will maximize heat efficiency whilst saving on escalating power costs all year round.

A “green roof” will add to the your eco-credentials and offer excellent insulation properties together with a haven for wildlife. A nice thought as you ‘beaver’ away in your garden den!

Windows with the right aspect also help with passive warming, making top-up heating on cold days easy and inexpensive. Our garden room customers tell us they save money over winter by only heating their workspace instead of keeping the central heating running in the house all day.

Your very good health
Winter inevitably brings coughs and colds. That’s another reason to consider a timber building, which creates a healthier environment than other materials.

Wood naturally regulates humidity and maintains an even temperature, keeping dust, damp and allergens at bay. Timber surroundings have been shown to help create a relaxing environment, which is why wood is increasingly seen in modern hospitals and schools. Our wellbeing can only benefit.

Expert advice

You’ve probably got a good idea of what you want in a garden room, but it is always best to get expert advice to fine-tune your vision.

At Garden Affairs we specialise in designing made-to-measure, insulated timber garden rooms to suit you and the space you have available in your garden.

We spend time with our customers talking through their plans to create a space that will fulfill their needs not only now but in the future. Many of our customers are enjoying the benefit of multi-use rooms combining work, relaxation and even guest room space this way.

Let’s hang on to the sunshine. Let’s design ourselves some workspace which helps us enjoy autumn and winter just as much as a golden summer!

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