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How chartered accountants in London can help your work from home business

Chartered accountants - work from home businessToday we have a sponsored post from London chartered accountants HW Fisher & Company:

If you’re running a small to medium sized enterprise in London then you already know how difficult it can be to stay competitive and keep everything afloat.

With everyone tightening their belts over the last five years there has been a terrible economic feedback loop that has seen consumers buying less and businesses closing, resulting in more job losses, less spending and rinse and repeat. But there is a way to beat the trend.

Working with chartered accountants in London can help you in more ways than simply filing your accounts at year end. Good chartered accountancy firms offer a variety of services that will ensure your business is running efficiently and effectively. Their expertise is also informed by a deep knowledge of the unique pressures and problems inherent in operating in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

3 ways chartered accountants in London can help your work from home business:

1. Weed out weaknesses.
One of the main issues faced by small businesses at the moment is cash flow. Banks are becoming increasingly tight on lending and increasing business overdrafts, so many companies are struggling to keep things rolling over month on month.

With that unlikely to change anytime soon, it makes sense to see where you can make savings to help ease the pressure. The only sure-fire way to do that is to undertake an audit. A chartered accountancy firm can do this for you. It’ll let you see current problem areas as well as potential problems. They can then help you develop a business turnaround strategy to help make the necessary changes.

2. Go green.
Environmentally friendly operating is becoming not just a social norm it’s also beginning to be mandated by government. Going green doesn’t just make environmental and ethical sense it can also save you a lot of money in both the short and long term.

Many chartered accountants now offer sustainability services, ranging from a carbon audit to a full sustainability package that offers solutions to the spiralling energy costs of operating in London.

3. Call for backup.
Sometimes having your own accounts department can end up costing you too much money. Some chartered accountants are now offering back office services, where they act as your remote accounts team.
Whether it’s handling VAT issues or processing payroll, you can get the kind of accounts support that would be unaffordable to the typical work from home business.

Thanks to their expertise you can be sure that everything is being dealt with efficiently and professionally without having the increased wage bill and all the extra costs involved with doing it internally.

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