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How to save money on energy this winter

Save money on energy this winterHome workers have already started adding a layer or two to keep warm in the home office, and I’ve heard some talking about putting the heating on. As prices rise we’re all interested in ways to save money on energy, so today’s sponsored post by SurveyCompare is very timely.

Martina Mercer is an award winning copywriter and journalist who runs her own business from home. She is a regular contributor to the SurveyCompare blog, where she shares work from home and money saving tips.

Every year I tell myself I’ll budget for winter bills over summer so they don’t come as such a shock. Every year I adore having a little extra cash as the oil bill reduces and the electricity bill lowers and then become bowled over by the bills in the winter.
Living in a large draughty house is delightful in the warmer months but we freeze in the winter. This year I am preparing early and through extensive research and trial and error I can now share some tips.

How to save money on energy this winter

Order Now
If you have an oil fuelled boiler, a wood burning stove or an open fire, stock up now. Prices are much cheaper in the summer. Soon, as people start to rely on central heating again prices will rocket.

Bulk buy now and stock up
If you do have an oil fuelled boiler this also saves money as you will pay extra for deliveries to be quicker, which may not even be guaranteed. Last time I paid £30 for a 2 day delivery that in the end took 14 days, in which time the oil ran out and we were left having to replace the boiler.

Spread the cost
Paying monthly can help spread the cost so you pay the same all year round. Even oil companies allow an account to be set up so you can do this, as do solid fuel providers.

Shop around
With colder winters energy is big business and new companies are fighting for space all the time. Shop around and see if any smaller providers offer a lower price as an incentive to sign up. For solid fuel see if you can pick it up locally to save on delivery costs.

It can be difficult when renting to make improvements that don’t cost the earth but do help cut down on electricity. Of course it wouldn’t be in your interest to fork out for double glazing or insulation as this is the landlord’s responsibility. Many rented houses though (including mine) don’t have double glazing and they do have a boiler that’s seen better days. There are some ways around this.

Temporary double glazing

There is a product you can buy that irons onto window frames to make them double glazed. It doesn’t cost too much and it can keep a lot of draughts out. It’s easy to remove too so when warmer weather comes you simply peel it off.

Timer switches
Did you know that if you left a PlayStation plugged into the wall on standby (not on) for a year it would cost you £237 in electric? That’s just one device! Many of us leave our mobile phones charging overnight when they only need an hour and children love leaving everything plugged in. Think about timer switches so you don’t have to think about switching off.

Thicker fabrics
Curtains are a great way to keep the cold out but they must be thick. Check to see if yours are lined then find a member of your family who is good with a needle to make sure they are!

Heat bulbs
Many of us have cloakrooms that only house a toilet and washbasin so not much time is spent in there at all. Turn off the radiator and use a heat bulb instead so it warms just enough every time someone visits.

The Green Deal

The green deal is still in its infancy but it claims to help those who have limited budgets to save money on home heating bills. Find a provider in your area and see if you qualify.

I hope these tips help you to save money on energy this winter, and above all, stay warm!

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