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Home office desk – who works here?

Looking through the keyhole at a home office desk

You’ve been far too good at guessing the owners of the home offices shown so far in our Through the Home Office Keyhole series, so this time we’re making it more difficult! Who do you think might work at this home office desk?

Not many clues to go on this time and the occupant of the office chair isn’t giving anything away! Leave a comment below with your guess, wild or otherwise, as to what you think goes on at this home office desk, and why you’ve come to that conclusion. We’ll reveal the owner next week.

Do you think other home workers would be able to guess what you do from your home office desk? If you’d like to take part, just send us a photo or short video (Vine or Instagram, for example) of your home workspace, whether it’s a home studio, a corner of the kitchen table, a garden office or under the stairs.

We will also we need another photo showing you at work, plus some information about what you do and your home working routine. Get in touch if you’d like us to peer Through Your Home Office Keyhole!

The mystery has been solved – our home worker is revealed!

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2 Comments on "Home office desk – who works here?"

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  1. Sophia Moseley says:

    Someone who works with pets, more specifically dogs? Or makes something for dogs? Or maybe has website for dog friendly places to visit?
    Definitely something doggie!